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10 Things that Kids don’t Like in the Womb

kid in the womb

Babies feel a lot before they’re even born. Many emotions a tiny little man in the stomach of his mother shares with her – depending on what hormone is now responsible for her mood. Happiness, anger, stress. Our children get acquainted with all these feelings even before birth. That’s why it’s so important for Mom to be happy. Because then her baby will be happy too. But there are things that unborn babies don’t like. Sometimes they make it clear by kicking and sometimes their true attitude to what is happening can only be seen on ultrasound.

Mom’s laugh

When you’re having fun and good times, the baby is having fun too. But the baby can feel uncomfortable when you laugh. The doctors figured it out by asking Mom to laugh during the ultrasound. A woman’s stomach is shaking during this time, jerking up and down. It turned out that some of the little ones did not mind at all. They were smiling and spinning in the stomach. But many of the little ones didn’t like the laughter. Baby faces looked like a baby crying silently in his mother’s stomach, so unpleasant to them when they were pulled up and down.

Persistent touches

Sometimes it is even possible to communicate with your child. You stroke your stomach and he answers you with a touch from the inside. However, some children do not like intrusions into their personal space. Even if it is not their personal space, it is their own body. When he is not in the mood to play, he will dodge the touch, push you somewhere away from your own palm. That means the baby needs some peace.

Off-road driving

Kids don’t like it as much as they like laughter. It is believed that a ride on a bumpy road is to bring the birth closer. But the doctors say it doesn’t work. The baby will only gather outside when it’s ready and no bumps will make him do it before. But he can feel bad after such an attraction because he will experience about the same as riding a roller coaster.

Loud noise

The baby is actually always surrounded by noise. He hears what’s going on around him, he hears the sounds in his mother’s body. And they are not as romantic as we used to think. The loudest sound for a child is our intestines. It’s not far from here. Scientists say that the noise level that surrounds the child in the stomach of his mother is comparable in power to the noise of a construction hairdryer. And despite that, he doesn’t like the noise from the outside world too loud. So it’s better not to go to rock concerts on the last dates.

Stress of Mother

Mom and the baby share hormones. The baby gets the same amount of stress hormones as you. If adults don’t like to worry, we can only assume how much the baby doesn’t like it. Newborns and small children desperately need a sense of safety. Stress deprives him of that feeling. By the way, scientists say that children whose mothers often felt stress during pregnancy are harder to endure colic and more restless than babies of calm moms.

Flickering light

Shining a flashlight on the stomach is another way to play with your baby before birth, like tapping on the stomach. The baby sees it the way we see the sun with our eyes closed. We love the sun but sometimes we get tired and want just darkness and silence. So the baby is not in the mood sometimes too. In this case, the baby just does not react to the light.

When Mom is turning during sleep

You’re sleeping, and he’s sleeping too. If you start twirling, the baby is twirling completely. Your emotions are like an earthquake for him. And he can’t even move out with his restless living space before the time! So you just need all these miracle sleep cushions. Both of you.

Hot or Harsh Spices

Kids do taste the food that their mom eats. Not with our tongue but with the amniotic fluid that surrounds them. And what children definitely don’t like is the very spicy and spicy food. If Mom’s mouth is on fire, there’s a good chance her baby’s too.

Sports in the third trimester

It’s not that mom’s heart rate is racing, it’s her muscles. The baby is already cramped in the stomach in the third trimester. The muscles of the mom’s stomach strain, making the “living space” even smaller. Who’s gonna love this? Just imagine how the baby feels if the walls of his home are shrinking but he can not get out.

Mom’s sadness

Scientists can’t fully explain why babies cry in the womb. All they know is that they know how to do it. Without tears, tears will appear a few months after birth. On ultrasound more than once recorded how the baby opens his mouth, his jaw shakes, he takes a few sharp breaths and then exhales. Adding only a sound and the baby is crying. So you should be sad less often. After all, the baby will be sad and crying with you.

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