4 Reasons to Watch Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is one of the best cartoons for family entertainment. The creators have worked through the plot and characters in great detail, making the show interesting for both adults and children.

A biographical cartoon

“Gravity Falls” is a cartoon biography. The protagonist Alex has a twin in life, her name is Ariel Hirsch. Mabel’s image was completely written off of her. The cartoon series is based on childhood memories of twins.

It was very important to tell the audience that Alex and his sister have a full understanding. They spent a lot of time together as children, so they have many stories to share.

The set of letters and numbers at the end of the episode is a reference to the next one

The viewer sees strange letters and numbers at the end of each episode. It’s an encrypted message, actually. The viewer can receive the phrase referring to the previous or next episode by decrypting it.

Alex Hirsch voiced some characters himself

Alex Hirsch loves his own project so much that he decided to voice the cartoon characters himself: Soos, Stan, and Bill (he voiced a few more minor ones).

Let’s find out what these characters are. Soos is an employee of Mystery Shack, he’s a very kind man who always wants to stay up to date with the latest news. He’s a rap enthusiast and loves anime.

Stanley Pines is a twin gruntle, resident of Gravity Falls. For years he was a crook and a criminal, and now he runs a tourist trap in this mysterious town.

The third character is a magical one. This demon can enter the human subconscious. Known for his sadistic humor and mysterious behavior…

Different number of fingers on heroes’ hands

The characters have a different number of fingers on their hands. It is made for ease of drawing. It was convenient for animators to draw characters with that number of fingers, which you will see in the animated series. The creators of “Gravity Falls” explain this feature only aesthetics and the fact that the number of fingers visually suitable for each character.

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