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5 Ways How to Spend Time with Your Kid

time with kids

Many families have been trying to organize a program for their children every weekend. Puppet theater, children’s playground, entertainment, and sports center, a zoo. Large cities offer a lot of options for spending time with your child.

However, such a lifestyle is not available in smaller settlements and requires regular financial investment. In addition, getting used to constant entertainment outside the home, children quickly lose interest in everyday or home activities.

So how can you spend time with your child so that it is unusual and fun for everyone?

Young naturalist

The study of wildlife is a fascinating activity for all ages. It is especially suitable for children of quiet, contemplative nature. Go out together in the park, garden or just outside. Try to find 10 different types of trees and bushes and collect a herbarium from them. Take a look at all the insects and other animals you see along the way. If an ant trail passes nearby, you can put a few large crumbs next to it and watch ants arrange their delivery to the anthill. Children of 6-7 years old will gladly play “guessing”. Whose leaf is this? What kind of tree gives such seeds? Which bird is singing now?

Fun starts

Sports games are suitable for active children and they will bring the greatest joy if parents also participate. Pick a few games in advance that require a small number of participants. This can be a race with an object in your hand or on your head, a slalom with a ball, or throwing rolled-up socks into an improvised basket that is constantly moving. The main thing is that the game coincides with the age characteristics of the child.


Museums and exhibitions are great places to spend time with children. The main thing is to choose something that will be interesting for children. Kids 2-3 years old will be happy to visit the exhibition of animals or birds, even a very small one. Preschoolers will already be interested in the Museum of Natural History, various exhibitions of amusing science, and experimenters. Older children will appreciate the exhibits of the Museum of Military Glory or the Archaeological Hall.

You can consolidate your museum experience at home by watching an educational film about animals, an album with reproductions of paintings, or by conducting a simple chemical experiment. There are a number of kits for archaeological research, crystal growing and even creating a robot from a plastic bottle for parents whose imagination or experience is far from science.


Children’s performances are held only a few times a year in most of the cities. However, it is not necessary to go somewhere to enjoy theatrical art. Children are easily carried away by the idea of the theatre and are ready to take part in creation.

Kids will approach finger dolls with which you can play simple fairy tales. Children 4-6 years old love to make their own dolls out of paper and play with them invented scenes and plots. It is already possible to develop the present scenario together with school children, to make suits from improvised means, and to put on the present performance.

Treasure hunting

This is a great way to spend time with a child of all ages, as all children dream of finding a treasure!

You can search both at home and on the street (for those who are older). A treasure is usually something small but pleasant like a bag of chocolates, an unusual shell or stone, a soft toy.

You need to think over the route of search and draw a map before you start the game, you can also use the classic method of “hot and cold”. It`s turned into a real quest when you prepare for a search!

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