7 Actors Who Gave the Cartoon Characters not Only Their Voices but Also Their Looks

actors who voiced the characters

The authors often give the characters recognizable features of famous actors when creating cartoons. Cartoons are sure to succeed if the stars also agree to voice them. This review presents 7 actors who gave cartoon characters their voices and appearance.

Jeremy Irons — Scar (“The Lion King”)

The main villain of the cartoon should be elegant, but wild, and have a British accent and green eyes according to the plan of the creators. Jeremy Irons was chosen to be the voice of the cartoon. The animators added more similarities between a man and a lion when the actor agreed to give his voice to Scar.

Rihanna — Tip (“Home”)

You can’t miss a teenage girl with funny curls that look a lot like Rihanna. Later the Barbados singer will note that the willful character of the girl reminded Rihanna herself in her childhood very much.

Tom Cruise — Aladdin (“Aladdin”)

You won’t know right away that Tom Cruise was Aladdin’s visual prototype. But it becomes clear when you look at the eyebrows and some of the hero’s smirks.

Eddie Murphy — Donkey (“Shrek”)

Eddie Murphy is probably the most recognizable cartoon character actor. His Donkey from “Shrek” is not only talkative but also has a wonderful sense of humor.

Johnny Depp — Rango (“Rango”)

Johnny Depp gets into any role, even if it’s a cartoon. The actor was glued to the sensors when sounding, and chameleon Rango received Depp’s movements. The similarities between the character and Jack Sparrow should be noted.

Angelina Jolie — Lola (“Shark Tale”)

The team initially decided that the characters would look like the actors who voiced them when they were developing the “Shark Tale”. Fish Lola got Angelina Jolie’s chubby lips.

Will Smith — Oscar (“Shark Tale”)

Will became a partner of charming Angelina in the dangerous underwater adventures of a small but very bright fish. In addition, Jack Black and Martin Scorsese took part in creating other characters.

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