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Discover Why Is the Internet Useful & What Are the Benefits of the Internet?

what are the advantages of the internet

The Internet is the most important thing in our modern life. It is a worldwide and global network, which connects millions of people all over the world. It is very difficult to imagine our life without the internet. How is the internet helpful in our lifestyle? What are the advantages of the internet? Computers are a great invention, but the internet is the greatest in human life. Computers, laptops, phones and other devices without connection to the internet haven’t a lot of advantages, then with the internet. Children use phones and computers regularly, and in this way they use the internet. There are many pros and cons of using the internet.

Pros of Internet for Kids

Let’s start from the benefits of the internet. The first and the most important pros of internet is:

Communication without Barriers

The global network was created to open up new horizons. The biggest benefit of using the internet is communication. People can make friends from all over the world. There are many families, in which different members can live in different parts of the Earth. The Internet brings people and families together.

positives and negatives of the internet

Firstly, children and people can’t be alone. They can always communicate with friends and parents. Parents work hard and are very busy, but it is very important to know everything about their kids and be close to them. They can make video calls or send pictures or voice messages.

Social media is one of the most popular ways to chat and share information. In this media people can read news, communicate with friends, follow celebrities and share their life and thoughts. The most useful social media are Facebook, Instagram and more. It helps people to connect across distances and to feel not alone. In social networks, people can find friends.

Languages and International Friendship

The Internet gives people new opportunities to communicate with the whole world, to know about new countries and culture. Messages, emails, can overcome the distance in less than a minute. It is a positive impact of the internet. There are many online forums, where people can share common interests and broaden their horizons. Kids can communicate in different languages and improve their knowledge. Some children can be inspired to learn a new language. It can be a positive thing about the internet. Children can make international friends, and they can share information about countries and experiences.

Social Media Accounts

It is a very important part of today’s society. You can follow different people, and they can inspire you not to give up and follow your dreams. Successful people can be an example for children.

The next advantages of using the internet have educational function:

Online Lessons

Nowadays, it is a very difficult situation with COVID-19 in the world. Children should stay at home and continue their education online. There are many apps for education, but without the internet, kids can’t use it. Children can use different apps to learn languages or develop their logic. There are many universities and colleges that offer lectures on the Internet. Everyone can educate themselves in this way and use the internet profitably.

what are the benefits of the internet

Global Library

On the internet, you can find different books and visit all libraries from around the world. It is a good opportunity for children. There are many free books in these libraries. Children can use all educational books on their phones. They can read books on public transport, at home, in the park or even on the beach. They can do homework at school and use the internet in their daily life. The Internet can help to find information or interesting facts or prepare for lessons.

Computer Science

It is difficult to visualize our daily life without computers and the internet. There are many activities at school, which children should use the internet and computer. For example: make presentations or report, work with the internet on informatics and programming. The internet is useful during the educational process.

Travelling Is One Way of Education

The internet is a window on the world, which gives you an opportunity to “travel” all over the world. You can learn interesting traditions and news about different countries. Not all children have the opportunity to travel. You can see the whole world and unusual places on the internet. YouTube is a very developing platform with different kinds of videos.

The next part of the advantages of the internet contain entertaining functions.


Children can have rest and spend time playing computer games or watching interesting movies on the internet. Some games you can play with your friends. It connects through the internet. It will be more interesting and children can play in a team. It is a very important skill to work in a team. It is cheaper to watch films at home than to go to the cinema.

New Hobby

Through the internet kids and people can be inspired. Someone can find new interests or develop your hobby. Some kids can use photoshop and create beautiful photos. Another can use different apps and watch videos on how to learn to play piano or guitar. There are many ways to develop your skills and widen your knowledge.

There are many pros and cons of the internet in today’s society. In the first part there are many advantages of online communication, but everyone can highlight some of them for yourself.

It is difficult to live without the internet or Wi-Fi, but it was a great life at that time. Children can spend more time outside and read more books or even go to the libraries and take in their hands paper books.

Disadvantages of Using the Internet

how is the internet helpful


A gambling addiction and computer dependency are very common problems among children nowadays. They can devote a lot of time playing computer games. Children are not active and happy. They will be more nervous about games and losing games. Health problems are the next con of the internet.

Harming Health

There are many illnesses, which you can have. For example: obesity, behaviour problems, heart diseases, insomnias and other health problems. Instead of going for a long walk, you spend 3 hours a day near the computer and on the internet and eat fast food or chips. You get not only diseases, but negative emotions. The movement is very important for kids, because it can help increase memory and attention. It will also help kids build a foundation for their health. It is important that all young children are physically active every day. But many children sit very close to the TV. It is bad for eye-sight. Many kids have poor vision at an early age.

Virtual Life

pros and cons of the internet in today's society

Children can forget about real life. They are diving headlong into games and unreal life. Children prefer to play with their friends online, but not real-life communication. Parents should help their kids to be in real life.

Bad for Mental Health

The kids watch scary movies or there are many websites and films with an age limit. Horror movies contain psychological tricks that create illusions of suspense and danger. After watching age limit programs, children can be cruel and have nightmares. It is very dangerous for psychics and mental health. Scary movies can develop many fears: Spiders? Killer clowns? Blood? Heights? Violent, sex and crime on the Internet. It has negative effects on children. They can be more aggressive, or they can imitate the same behavior as in TV.

It is very important to control what your children watch. We can protect them from violence and crime. I want to conclude that everything in the world has pros and cons. It was mentioned not all advantage and disadvantage of the internet, but after reading this article everyone can think what’s good for them and what’s bad for them. I think that parents can explain to their kids how to use the internet correctly and how to get more benefits.

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