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Afterschool Crafts: Collage Ideas for kids

collage work for kids

Looking for another way to spend a gloomy rainy day? Try a new and easy papercraft!

After checking the internet for children’s collage ideas, I’ve compiled some inspiring places to start. Keep reading and follow the links below, to try this great craft step by step. Often starting a craft with your child can be unorganized. With the links we’ve placed in this blog, we hope to help you and your child start crafting! We’ve also included some collage ideas for preschoolers. You can collage anything from a beautifully crafted mosaic, to cut pieces of magazines.

collage project for kids

You can get extra fancy with it, and incorporate 3D objects as well. Perhaps little souvenirs you’ve collected along the way of your travels. Collage your cherished magazine cutouts or newspaper clippings. This super easy craft is sure to keep your little ones preoccupied for an indoor activity. Try ripping up multicolored paper into tiny micro pieces, and use those to make a collage. For an interesting mix of mosaic and collage. If you need collage ideas for school projects, try to collage something you see around you. For example, cut out pictures from a magazine, in the colors required for a sunset. Sort your pieces according to the layers of colors in a sunset. You instantly have an innovative school project!

collage ideas for preschoolers

Another creative alternative for your collage could be items from around the house. Even a cotton ball or cocktail umbrella. Incorporate the findings from your treasure hunt into your collage design. You could even take the front of a storybook for example. Use the scenery, and get inspired from there. Use the cotton ball from the bathroom as clouds, use your popsicle sticks as fence posts, use dry pasta as hay! The creative options are endless. Materials like; tissue paper, paper bags, cardstock, and wrapping paper add levels of texture. Play with different combinations of materials to achieve a more complex design!

collage ideas for school projects

Have you ever considered the multitude of benefits the arts have on children?

Not only will it get them rolling being productive on their own, but it can also boost their determination and persistence with tasks. Setting your child off into a creative task, allows them to learn a whole new mindset. Kids creating their own art has been proven to elevate confidence! Collage projects for kids are wonderful to get the ball rolling. The endless amount of directions to go, allow your child to fully embrace their creative being! Finding this form of expression is an essential part of their growing up. Giving out collage work for kids can help them find their artistic voice. Yes, I know what your thinking, it’s way too early! It’s never too early to start in my opinion. Go wild and see where you end up together! Facilitate a bonding experience with your child as you engage in this afternoon craft!

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