Are You up to Make a Super Nifty Craft This Lockdown? Step-by-Step DIY Piggy Bank

homemade piggy banks for kids

Did you also have a piggy bank as a child? I remember loving mine! Teach your kids about how to save money from a young age. It can be actually fun to save money when you make an activity out of it! I think I might make another piggy bank for myself actually, to try and stop myself from spending that spare change on things I don’t need! Here we will show you different options of how to make a piggy bank at home. Have fun and craft it out!

Idea #1- Mason Jar Piggy Bank

What you will need for this craft

  • Recycled jar with lid, you can use any old pasta sauce jar if you don’t have a mason jar on hand
  • Paint for decoration, you can play with what you have on hand, but I do recommend using chalkboard paint for fun! Spray paint will work just fine if you have it
  • Painters tape, to make different sections of colour
  • Glitter (optional)
  • If you use glitter, you will need some type of adhesive. You can you Elmer’s glue or whichever you have at home

Start making your own piggy bank

decorate your own piggy banks
  • Cut a slit into the lid of your jar. Use sharp scissors or an Exacto knife
  • Now paint your desired base paint all over the jar and the lid
  • If you would like to add glitter or chalkboard paint, now is the time. Section off areas that you would like to keep the previous colour. Add your adhesive and glitter or chalkboard paint
  • If you are using chalkboard paint, I recommend doing a few layers so that its nice and thick
  • Set to dry
  • Once dry you can add ribbons or any other decorations you may have in mind (I recommend using a hot glue gun for this step)

Idea #2- Totem Pole Piggy Bank

Making your own piggy bank? It can be just as easy as looking around the house for things to reuse and recycle.

What you will need

  • Three recycled aluminium cans in the same size
  • Duct tape in different colours if you have, or you can use coloured paper or paint if you don’t
  • Utility knife or sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Now make your own piggy bank

  • Make a slit big enough for coins to pass through in your lid.
  • Remove the labels on each one of the cans
  • Now decorate each can into a different character/animal on your totem pole
  • You can use a combination of duct tape, cardboard cut-outs or coloured paper
  • Make with your cardboard different sizes of noses/ beaks/ ears whatever you wish
  • Stack up your totem pole, you can either use it as one large piggy bank or three separate ones. You can do this by just having one lid or having three

Idea #3-Paper Mache Piggy Bank

make your own piggy bank

It’s so fun to decorate your own piggy banks! Try this one today, all you need is a few things from around the house.

What you will need

  • One regular-sized ballon
  • Old egg carton
  • Recycled lid from peanut butter jar or a lid in a similar size
  • Cardboard or felt for the ears
  • Old newspaper
  • Plain flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Sharpie or pen for adding the eyes and mouth
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Try some homemade piggy banks for kids. This one starts like so

  • Blow up your balloon to the desired size
  • Using tape attach pieces of your egg carton and peanut butter lid as your legs and nose
  • Mix up your paper mache, combine 1 cup water with 1 cup flour to make your gloopy paste. Add 1 tablespoon of salt
  • Tear up your strips of newspaper and start dipping them into the mixture and adding them to your piggy, keep going until you have about 3 layers
  • Set your piggy to dry
  • Once he’s fully dry, delicately cut a slit for your coins
  • Paint a base layer of white before the pink to hide the letters on the newspaper
  • Paint him pink all over!
  • Once dry add you’re desired details, using the Sharpie add your eyes and mouth
  • Cut out from cardboard or felt his ears and hot glue them on. If you chose cardboard ears, you can always do this step with the legs and nose
  • Set to dry! Once finished, start saving up!

There you have it have fun with your piggy bank exploration. Enjoy getting creative and using recycled household items for this fun craft!

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