Basketball – More than Just a Game

basketball facts and rules

Games with a ball have become our favorite from childhood. Basketball is not an exception. It is a quite popular game among adults, teenagers, and kids. But who came up with it? You will be greatly surprised.

Basketball facts and rules were invented in 19 century (1891) by James Naismith, who was a college professor. Once he took and hung 2 fruit baskets from 2 rails then he took the ball. Students did not understand what was wrong, the professor continued explanation: the main rule is – the ball has to be thrown into the basket and whose team managed to hit more will win. James Naismith did not expect that the result of his imagination would spread all over the USA and even further. Basketball was included in the Olympic Games in 1936.

Basketball rules for kids are easier than in adult games. Answering the question of how to play basketball step by step, the most important basis includes elementary techniques of playing with a ball. After regular training children can introduce more complicated elements. So, how to play basketball for kids, let’s start from the very beginning.

There are 3 main basketball tips for kids:

children playing basketball
  • It is necessary to work with a ball at home, feel it and catch. Parents can explain and help with it. The main purpose – to lead a ball. Kids can hit it against the floor, ground, wall using both hands. Mind, left and right hands have to work with the same speed and accuracy. This skill prepares to lead a ball in any direction a kid needs.

You can ask: how to teach kids basketball if they can lead a ball on a floor masterfully?

  • The next step is throwing a ball into a basket. The most important technique. Parents can make a target and children need to hit it. After they have to combine 2 actions: to hit a basket and to hit a floor. Don’t forget to change positions, lead, catch a ball.
  • The third one – basketball basics for kids includes the ability to work in pares, small groups and teams. Start to train in pares, don’t be in a hurry, the main idea is to feel and catch a ball.

Rules of basketball for kids

The number of players – 5 from each side at the same time (put your mind, the total number is 12, substitutions are not limited).

They are four parts of a game, the duration of each part consists of 10 minutes (do not forget about 15 min. the rest breaks between 2 and 3 half).

Golden rule – it is allowed to play only with the hands. You can only dribble the ball, no jogging. If after leading the ball a player stops, he may not take any more steps.

If a player touches the ball with the leg accidentally, the game continues, but a player cannot kick intentionally, it is prohibited. A player cannot conduct the ball with two hands.

How to score points? They are awarded for each ball hit in the ring: 2 points within the arc, 3 points outside the arc, 1 point-penalty throw.

Pay attention, there is a number of fouls (personal or team). If one team has 5 fouls in one quarter, the next foul costs two free throws from another team.

In a case, one player scores 5 personal fouls per one half he has to be removed and replaced.

There are 5 basketball positions for kids. By the way, they are the same for adults. Youth basketball positions include Center, Power Forwarder, Small Forwarder, Point Guard, Shooting Guard.

  • The center – in most cases is the tallest and the strongest player. He has a position under a basket.
  • Power Forward – the second tallest player, he is the closest to the center, has to be very fast.
  • Small Forward – although the player is the shortest in comparison with 2 forwards on the team. He has the most versatile role out of the main five positions.
  • Shooting Guard- the shortest player on the team, he is the best outside shooter. He drives a ball down the court and setts up offensive plays.
  • Point Guard – is as usual the shortest and the best ball handler in a team.

All these basic basketball positions can change, we mean, each kid can try himself in the position of power forward or guard, the main purpose is to give the idea and a taste of this game.

If children are into playing basketball it is very good not only from a point of sport but from a unique sense of teamwork. It teaches to understand, support, and help. These human qualities are of great importance in life.

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