Best Cartoon Villains of All Time

The cartoon is a sample of the world in animated form. It helps to explore nature, temper, behavior. Children adore watching them. Every time they can mention the battle between good and evil. But let’s be honest, how can we differentiate the good one? Only with a help of comparison. Cartoon villains are the best working strategies.

Kids’ mind doesn’t percept empty words, it means they need visualization. Cartoon bad guys are the first examples of how shouldn’t we act. Parents sometimes can watch cartoons with their kids as well. They can explain different important things with a help of a certain hero (positive or negative). Here you have got a description of your favorite bad characters.

Top 10 best cartoon villains:

Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians

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Cruella De Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Everybody knows this strong, confident, and lonely lady. Her style is thought out of the details. The hair is subdivided into two parts, black and white, dark and expressive eyes, too surprised eyebrow bends, artificial cheekbones, an ironic smile, the sarcastic timbre of her voice, fur coat make her one of the brightest evil cartoon characters.

And it is quite important to point, her name comes from “cruel”, the attention to all little things gives her an award in the category – best villain names.

Captain Hook from Peter Pan

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Captain Hook is the main antagonist in Peter’s Pan book. He has a hook (made of iron) instead of the right hand, he is a typical cruel dictator. His gang is afraid and needs to obey him. The contrast between dark hair and too pale skin, eyes of forget-me-not flower color impress the audience.

But what puts him at the top of the best cartoon villains of all time, best Disney animated villains? Not his bad actions or treatment. He combines the unique qualities as an intellectual activity, courage, and imagination, hidden deep down mercy. The hook is very lonely and in addition, often depressed, the absence of friends makes him sad. All these contradictional things, make the viewer sympathize with him and hate him simultaneously.

Kaa from the Jungle Book

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Kaa – a python from The Jungle Book. Kipling shows Kaa as Mowgli’s adviser. J. McMaster represents the python as a part of the “Trinity”. It includes 3 elements: personifying power – Balu, love – Bagira, and knowledge – Kaa.

According to the Disney cartoon, Kaa is not an adviser, he is Mowgli’s antagonist. Although Kaa is very cruel, animals are afraid of him and try to stay aware, his wisdom and intelligence make him one of the most favorite Disney’s bad cartoon characters. His enormous size, mind, and royalty attract and reject.

Shere Khan from the Jungle Book

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Shere Khan – the main antagonist of Disney from The Jungle Book. Bengal tiger with huge power, ferocious, royal, and suave. When he was a “child” he had friends: Loui, Baloo, Hathi, Kaa, and Bagheera. They helped each other, but the tiger’s egoism and passion for authority ruined their friendship. He explained his behavior and cruelty were caused by his predator’s nature.

Shere Khan is an embodiment of royalty, power, and composure. The way he carries himself, special elegance, and pride make him a king among other animals. But the price per this status is high. The alone king cannot be happy? Isn’t it? Despite their bad nature Khan is the most favorite, his power charms, he deserves being the first in the top anti-hero.

Rattigan from The Great Mouse Detective

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Rattigan – a leading character – antagonist of The Great Mouse Detective. He is impeccably precise, egoistic, clever, evil, “Lord” of crime, an enemy to Basil from Baker Street. He wants to control everything in Mousedom. Rattigan is obsessed with his position and status.

After being labeled as a rat, he shows himself from the side of violence and savage intellect. But it didn’t prevent receiving a status – the world’s greatest criminal mind. One of the most remarkable negative cartoon characters.

Hades from Hercules

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Hades – Disney’s Hercules. He is one of the most merciless bad heroes ever. Extremely egoistic, without any boundaries and limits, he achieves his goals, he even made an attempt to get rid (kill) his small newborn nephew.

Hades is a master of planning, if he decides, he will find the solutions and ways in any case. Manipulator, planner, cruel… but one quality makes him the most popular cartoon supervillain – honesty. He is a truly honorable god, keeps his promises, plays bad games but follows the rules.

Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove

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Yzma – leading antagonist of The Emperor’s New Groove. One of the animated movie villains in Disney. She is a wicked witch and a previous advisor to Emperor Kuzco. Following the dismissal, she becomes obsessed with the idea to kill the Emperor. As everything is fair in war, she uses sneaky methods. Her assistant Kronk helps with her power-hungry mission. But Yzma was a very hard-working chemist before a dismissal.

Despite her anger and bitterness, she is rather comically eccentric. She likes and adores herself, perceiving herself as the most amazing and wonderful person in the whole world. Others compare her to a dinosaur, scary, ugly, but she doesn’t care. Her style is not perfect, but well-conceived. Purple color is often used for her hair and dresses. And it is not a coincidence. Purple means madness and royalty.

Gru from Despicable Me

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Gru – main antagonist of Despicable Me. He is a good-looking, bald, tall, and strong man. His intelligence is worth attention. But as a person, he is sneaky, with a cold heart, and sadistic. He has the ability to freeze people and uses it even for having fun. He has 3 stepdaughters and finally, he opens his kind heart. God attracts the audience with his weaknesses, as everybody has, he shows the human’s nature. Maybe that is why he has a significant place among popular cartoon villains.

Darla Dimple from Cats don’t Dance

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Darla Dimple – the main antagonist of Cats Don’t Dance. Having a sweet face, big blue eyes, pink cheeks, and a charming smile she is a two-faced character. Spoiled and mean girl that is constantly playing to a crowd. Her team indulges her because they understand, Darla doesn’t care about anybody instead of herself. She is out for revenge for each person she doesn’t like. Bad temper and sweet face are common in our society.

Mad Madam Mim from Sword in the Stone

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Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone. She is an uncommon villain. Cuteness, madness, and overconfidence are her main characteristics. But in addition, she is sadistic and arrogant, dishonest and cunning, traitorous, unscrupulous, and calculating. Having a magic power, she could use it in a good way, but she chose another one. Merlin and Mim are enemies. But Merlin plays this game honestly, the same cannot be said for her. Mim reaches the leading position in top animated villains.

Who is the saddest villain of all the time? No intrigue, because you choose by yourself, it depends on genre and type. The value of cartoon villains is undeniable. They are prototypes of humans’ faults. Some anti-heroes become popular far away from a screen. Their actions, weaknesses, greed, and passion in exaggerated form can be useful not only for kids.

Furthermore, nowadays cartoons are wide-ranging. Some adults don’t percept modern cartoon cinematography, the reason is – frightening characters. A kernel of truth exists in this statement. But as we have mentioned before, there are different villains. We are lucky, we have plenty of choices. Controversial cartoon characters give valuable lessons from early childhood. Enjoy and make the right choice.

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