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World chocolate manufacturers always try to surprise customers with interesting new delicious things, improve the taste of their products, and add unusual ingredients. But some companies produce the highest quality and most expensive confectionery products according to traditional recipes using only natural products. The most delicious chocolate brands receive The Academy of Chocolate awards every year.

Countries producing the best chocolate

Among the world’s chocolate producers are Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the USA. Each of these countries has its recipes for creating chocolate products, which is reflected in the taste.

If you ask what is the most delicious chocolate in the world, every European will answer that it is Swiss. And, for example, Italians make a product with pleasant nutty notes.


When you ask, which country has the best chocolate, many will answer that in Switzerland, and they will be wrong because of the country leading in the production of high-quality confectionery in Belgium. And the Swiss are in second place.

The Belgians create the best chocolate bars products that can be safely called a work of art. It contains only first-class ingredients – cocoa for this chocolate is made of the finest beans grown in the Congo. Sweets and chocolates are interestingly decorated and glazed, using unusual fillers.

Godiva, Belvas, Callebaut, Guylian – are well known in the world’s best chocolate brands!

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The peculiarity of Swiss chocolate is the high concentration of cocoa butter obtained from expensive varieties of beans – Ecuadorian, Madagascar, Venezuelan.

Elite chocolatiers work in Switzerland and their handicrafts are considered elite. All recipes comply with the rules of traditional production, their quality is monitored by the Chocosuisse Chocolatier Union. And they have the best milk chocolates. Milka, Coop, Lindt, Maestrani, Teuscher are the best Swiss chocolate brands.

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In a relatively small country, 150 private confectionery enterprises are concentrated. Here are thousands of shops and boutiques, where chocolatiers present their products.

Elite best chocolate brands – Bovetti with exclusively natural fillings, Michel Richar, La marquise de Sevigne. Separately, we should mention the delicious Aperitif chocolate dessert with mustard, spices, and aromatic herbs, it is served with wine.


The best and most delicious dark chocolate is produced by the Italian company Amedei, which is also the most expensive in the world. Also, the famous Italian factories are Ferrero, Perugina, and Modica. The products of the latest brand are created according to an ancient Aztec recipe without melting sugar. And are the best chocolate brands in the world!

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One of the best American chocolates which are very popular is Alpen Gold with a delicate best milk chocolate taste and an abundance of fillers. The best American chocolate brands as Hershey’s, Vosges Haut. The company creates exotic chocolate products for which fried bacon, ginger, mushrooms, turmeric, wasabi are used as additives.

And by the way, Hershey’s is renowned for producing KitKat chocolate bars, the most popular chocolate brand in the USA!

And we prepare a list of the most delicious chocolate in the world and famous chocolate brands!

Anna shea chocolates

The American chocolate brand has been operating in the state of Illinois since 2004. Her signature style is the creation of elite products, each chocolate bar is unique in its recipe.


For centuries, the Spanish city of Villajoyosa has produced delicious chocolate for local consumption, so only locals and tourists can taste it.


best milk chocolate

The Swiss company, founded in Zurich in the middle of the 19th century, is one of the oldest producers of good chocolate. Today it includes production not only in Switzerland but also in Austria.

Branded shops selling chocolates, sweets, chocolate desserts in original wrappers operate in all major cities of the world with the best dark chocolate bars!

Michel cluizel

The founder of the confectionery industry, Michel Kluisel, is very successful in the chocolate family business. The first store opened in the 1980s. Today the French factory produces assorted candies and dragees with various glaze and fillings according to its rare recipes. And what is the best chocolate candy? It’s Michel’s cruel candies!


The French company, which appeared in the 1990s, got factories in many countries and opened a chocolate museum. The brand became known for its unusual filling and design of chocolate products.

The company store sells candies of complex shapes, in the form of figurines and the most unexpected items. The composition contains spices, herbal ingredients, and even hot peppers. Can be the best chocolate gift ever!

Amedei Selezioni

The confectionery company began operating in the 1990s in Italian Tuscany as a small praline production and this is a top chocolate brand! The local consumers enjoyed these products, which led to the expansion of the company. Chocolate is expensive but worth the money.

Here we shared with you the best chocolates brand names, now you will know exactly what kind of brand to choose next time in a store! Enjoy!

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