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Learn with Pleasure: Improve Your Knowledge and Skills by Choosing a Free Public School Online

Free Public School Online

No matter what you do or how old you are, there are always plenty of new opportunities, and the Internet has interesting options to offer.

Especially when it comes to education, the resources on the Internet are endless. You can easily learn new things, develop and gain useful knowledge by choosing the best free online school. Best of all, many high-quality learning platforms are completely free. We offer you a list of online resources that are sure to be useful to you. The sites below have effective free online education waiting for you — applicable to any field.

1,700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

If you’re having trouble finding exactly the information you’re looking for, try using Open Culture’s list of free online courses. The free online public school features 1,000 lectures, videos, and podcasts from universities around the world.

The site has a lot of material freely available from all sorts of universities, and it’s all organized into categories that are convenient for everyday viewing. This means that you can find hundreds of courses without having to visit them and search all the official sites of representatives.

Open Culture lists courses from England, Australia, Wales and many US state universities. Now it’s much easier to find courses in the same major.

Coursera: Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institutions

Coursera: Build Skills with Online Courses

Coursera is the kind of site that partners with universities and well-known organizations around the world. This makes it possible to combine a wide range of topics in one searchable database and provide great perspectives.

It is certainly a powerful tool for free online education that includes courses from many leading universities. Coursera offers a wide variety of courses. You only need to decide on a direction, and you can start studying.

Coursera is the best free school online for you and extremely useful if you want to take courses from different schools and groups without being physically present.

Khan Academy: Free Online Courses, Lessons & Practice

Partnering with many high schools, Khan Academy offers a convenient, well-organized website. Collecting many courses from around the world, Khan Academy offers to gain knowledge in a variety of subjects.

Khan Academy ranks among the best-known educational sites, which can be a guarantee in facilitating the achievement of your learning goals. If you are looking for free online school programs, you can’t go wrong by choosing Khan Academy.

Texas Virtual School Network — Online Schools Program

Texas Virtual School Network  Online Schools Program

This free online virtual school offers 100% virtual curricula to students across the state who are not physically on campus. Students enrolled in one of the TXVSN online schools are public free online school students.

Courses included in the TXVSN OLS program are reviewed for compliance with the state’s curriculum standards, known as Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the national quality standards for online courses. Courses must also meet accessibility standards.


Udemy’s school is online free with courses similar in concept to Coursera, but additionally, allow users to create their own unique courses from the lessons provided.

Partnering with many top professors and schools, this site combines a customizable platform from other sites with a heavy emphasis on high-quality content. — Free Online Courses From Top Colleges

Another site with free online school programs from different schools is Academic Earth. Like all of the above sites, Academic Earth brings together top-notch courses from a variety of sources and focuses on offering a wide range of subjects from different fields.

Academic Earth gives a list of courses by subject and free public school online, so it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for.


free online education is edX

Another great option for free online education is edX. This online free school has courses from different institutions, as well as impressive information for everyone. edX covers a wide range of topics from universities like Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley, which means that you can get a high-quality and prestigious, but free online education here.

Alison: Free Online Courses & Online Learning

Alison is a totally free educational site that offers not only knowledge but also certification in some areas. Alison offers courses primarily in business, technology, and health, but also includes language courses.

This is a great free home school online and the best option if users need a professional certification to learn.

iTunes U on the App Store

A very convenient place to get free online education is iTunesU because it integrates easily with your iPod or any other Apple mobile device that supports apps. Users download the iTunesU app to their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Desktop users can access iTunesU from the top right corner of the iTunes Store. iTunesU is also convenient because the store is categorized just like iTunes.

Users can search for courseware in a variety of ways, including by genre and topic. These courses are often a mix of free podcasts on various topics.

Search Catalog: Stanford Online

Search Catalog: Stanford Online

Stanford Online is the hub of all Stanford University’s online offerings, offering self-paced and in-session courses. Some courses require iTunes, but most can be taken through a web browser.

Stanford Online is a great site for high-quality courses, although the subject matter is somewhat limited compared to sites that partner with multiple institutions.

University of California, Berkeley: Free Online Courses and MOOCs

Like the other schools on this list, the University of California, Berkeley offers many free online education options for everyone. This online school free offers slightly fewer courses than the institutions listed above, but it does include some additional lectures, webcasts, and RSS feeds, making it easy to keep up with the topics you choose.

University of Oxford Podcasts

The University of Oxford offers many different podcasts. Most of them are public lecture series or guest lectures by professors, with several different recordings available.

The advantage of this site is that the podcasts are broken up into series, making it easy to subscribe to several lectures on the same topic. This is another great site for in-depth lectures.

Lesson Paths

Lesson Paths

Lesson Paths is another great tool for those looking for a more convenient and comfortable way to access learning materials. On this site, users create playlists of links to their favorite learning materials from other sites. Users then rank these collections, making it easy to find many different high-quality, accessible sources on a given topic.

The site can also be useful for a tuition-free online schools.


Memrise is another impressive free online education site that offers simplicity and ease of use. Available both on the desktop and as an app, Memrise is a particularly powerful tool if you are a language learner.

Part of Memrise’s specialty is the integration of games into your study materials, which blends learning with fun.

The site is effective for tuition-free online elementary school.

Kids National Geographic

Kids National Geographic

Tuition free online elementary school “The National Geographic Kids” is another source that offers free online education available to young users. For those looking for child-friendly learning, the platform offers a wide variety of games, puzzles, videos, and photos. The site will also be useful as a free online middle school.

Funbrain: Games, Videos, and Books for Kids

Free online school for kids “Fun Brain” is another great option for kids looking for free online education, as it focuses on games and fun puzzles. Particularly focused on math and reading, Fun Brain’s game-based approach can be valuable if the child in question struggles to pay attention.

We hope that our selection will help you decide on online learning options and pick the right course for you or your loved ones.

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