Best Game-Activities for Children with Special Needs

activities for children with special needs

It is known that children with pathologies of vision, hearing, consequences of cerebral palsy, intellectual problems, etc. have different physical abilities, and this feature should be taken into account when conducting activities for kids with disabilities.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the nature and depth of the defect, the real motor capabilities of the child, and his or her individual reaction to physical activity when choosing activities for kids with special needs. It is important that the amount of physical activity is accessible to the child and does not cause overloading.

The content and dosage of the load should provide a gradual complication of games and their alternation by intensity and duration, which stimulates a constant interest in the game activity.

The activities for disabled children below can be used both in a group session and individually with a child at home.

Zoo game

activities for kids with special needs

Goal: development of imagination, relaxed movements, correction of emotional fencing.

Age: any.

Game description: participants sit in a circle, the leader shows the moves of the animal conceived by him according to the conditions of the game. The rest of them are trying to guess. Then participants change roles. It is one of the funniest activities to do with a disabled child.


Goal: development of creative thinking, relaxedness in movements.

Age: any.

Game description: this game can be played by parents with their children during the day. The child is invited to transform into an animal or to change roles, become a mom or dad, and act like them. The child plunges into this role, then. There is a discussion about how he felt, whether he liked the care, etc.

Guess and Find

activities for kids with disabilities

Goal: development of attention, perception, memory.

Age: 4-7 years.

Necessary devices: toys.

Game description: an adult describes a toy to a child. The child asks questions if he does not understand what it is about, and then he must find a toy in the room.

Comment: the game is one of the activities for special needs children which can be played “child to child,” i.e., an adult may not participate in the game. When describing a toy, it is better to start with minor details or circumstantial features. For example, we can say that girls like to play with this toy more, etc.

Shadow Game

Goal: development of movement coordination, speed of reaction, the establishment of interpersonal contacts.

Age: any.

Game description: it is one of the team activities for special kids. One participant becomes a traveler — the others are his shadow. The traveler goes through the field, and the shadow is two steps behind him. The shadow tries to copy the traveler’s movements exactly. The traveler should pretend to pick mushrooms, pluck apples, jump over puddles, balance on the bridge, etc. The children’s task is to repeat the master’s movements as accurately as possible.

“What will you do?”

activities to do with disabled child

Goal: development of the ability to get out of conflict situations.

Game description: an adult presenter sets the situation. Let’s imagine:

  • You and your friend Alex liked the same toy. Alex took it for himself and does not share it with you. What are you going to do? The scene is played out several times.
  • Kate and Jesse decided to wear the doll but argued about the choice of clothes. Kate took the clothes and the doll. You are Jesse, what are you going to do? The situation is played out more than once.
  • You have behaved badly. The teacher or mother was offended. What are you going to do? It is repeated every day.

Sincerity and friendliness, cheerfulness and openness, empathy, and ability to help, to notice success – these are the qualities that attract children and cause their sympathy and respect for the adult. Sometimes it is the main motivation for participation in the physical activities for special needs children.

A child’s psychophysical development is greatly influenced by communicating with the adult to whom he or she is emotionally attached and with whom he or she enjoys communicating. It is the activities for special needs kids that create the necessary conditions for the emergence and development of such relationships.

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