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Best Online Educational Games for Kids

Free online educational games for kids are a necessary part of modern education. The Internet has taken over all spheres of our lives, and now it is hard to imagine a school or university that ignores the benefits of the World Wide Web.

Children also learn to use information technology when they look for and download educational games for kids online. The tablet and bright pictures attract attention better than school textbooks, so we should use them for good purposes.

Ten years ago, parents were skeptical about everything with the prefix ‘online,’ but now everything has changed. Educational online games for kids are a trend that can turn useful leisure into a full-fledged educational infrastructure soon.

PBS Kids Games

the best online educational games for kids

It is a bunch of educational games for kids online free dedicated to involving children in the world of science and researches. Here your child will be able to solve problems and make decisions based on the knowledge of the world around them. The game will introduce the young scientist to the basics of school subjects and allow applying them.

Another appealing aspect of these applications is the use of familiar characters from PBS Kids shows. They help to disguise the exercises and training as entertainment.

Of course, it is best to play educational games with parents, who can expand the information from the application with their comments and help to continue research in real life.

Starfall Kids Games

free online educational games for kids tips

It is a large online platform with a library of free educational games for kids online. The best of them have their applications and can be downloaded directly from Google Play. These are simple but colorful games that are similar to a children’s book design.

Using them, a child can learn to read, write, and even sing. The full list of content that is available by optional membership includes songs, fairy tales, puzzles, and math problems. It is an almost ideal useful content packaged in the form of educational games.

Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

fun educational games for kids online

It is a fascinating educational game online for kids in mathematics of all ages. Dragonbox created a series of applications that will guide children through all the complexities of algebra in a simple game form.

The essence of the applications is that the tasks become more complicated gradually, so the child does not notice how the game turns into an interactive textbook. Of course, it can not replace the school teacher completely, but it can help him significantly.

Educational games devoted to chess help children to understand basic rules and combinations of the ancient game in a modern form. Magnus Carlsen, a world chess champion, participated in the development and advised the developers to create better conditions for the new chess champions. These educational games are a little more complicated than puzzles and designed for more adult children, but when your child plays them, you can be proud of yourself as a parent.

Endless Alphabet

the best educational games for kids online

This application is a real hit among online educational games for kids free that promise to teach your child to read. The endless alphabet consists of interactive puzzles that will teach even the youngest users to make new words and explain their meaning.

In addition to the alphabet, developers offer to dive into Endless numbers, Endless reading, and even Endless Spanish. All these games with words will inevitably expand the vocabulary of the child. Moreover, he can master the letters much earlier than his peers and even read using educational games of this series.

Tinybop Games

educational online games for kids

It is another set of online free educational games for kids available for subscription. However, they were available for free in the summer to support children who cannot go to school because of the pandemic.

Colorful graphics reminiscent of children’s handicrafts allow young users to get acquainted with many everyday phenomena from the inside and interact with the environment. “Weather” explains how clouds form and where it starts to rain. “Mechanisms” will delight young physicists, and “Skyscrapers” will allow you to penetrate all floors of a complex building.

Animal Jam

educational games for kids online free the best choice

It is a 37-megabyte fun educational game for kids online that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. So it represents one of the largest children’s game spaces in the world. Created to attract young people’s interest in animals and the conservation of endangered species is now a huge community.

The game allows players to interact through communication and exchange of pets, which creates a sense of teamwork for the care of animals.

Of course, the game also has unscrupulous players, but it is part of life. Parents should play together with their children to help them learn the basics of the game. The recommended age is six years old.

Thinkrolls 2

online free educational games for kids

It is 270 puzzle levels for children from 3 to 9 years. Here children will need to know the laws of physics to make the game objects slide or fall. It is a set of online games for kids educational divided into thematic sections.

One of the main advantages of the game is a one-payment purchase, which does not require an extension of the subscription or other microtransactions. Also, the application does not require access to the Internet.

It is one of those educational games that provide knowledge in the most pleasant shell. Children learn while playing with bright characters and solve original puzzles. Even adults will spend time with pleasure helping young researchers to conquer physics.

As you can see, online educational games for kids can almost replace the school shortly. Many applications explain school subjects better than school teachers because they interact with the child vis-a-vis, as a tutor. Moreover, many real teachers, professors, and scientists were involved in creating tasks and puzzles for free online educational games for kids that can be really useful.

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