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You can easily get lost in the world of games, especially board games. Sometimes we can say for sure what board game we want to play or to present to someone. And a great thing is that you also can play outside, in the park, garden, but before doing this, better, of course, check the forecast. And we decided to find for you the best interesting and unique board games.

But before, let’s just take a look at what should you consider when choosing a board game:

  • Age at a board game. The game should be appropriate for a certain age of kids because very often younger children can choose for more elderly kids.
  • The number of players. Some board games are good to play with big companies of friends, others are designed for only two or 3 player board games.
  • Genre and subject. Each child has their interests, favorite cartoons, or characters. It is good to choose the right one, whether it’s space travel or pirate adventures.

The list of the unique board games is right here!


A fun game for kids that perfectly develops a reaction, attentiveness, and coordination. This fast and easy board game for large groups and kids from 6 years. Kids take turns revealing the top card of their deck, which determines their role: a harmless fly, a chameleon, or a dangerous snake. Its unique board game which you will have in your collection of the games

Match the color of the opponents’ cards – quickly cover the victim’s card with your hand until it is hidden, or defend yourself by covering your deck with your hand. Each circle the role changes, so keep a close eye on it. Additional game options and noisy games for 15 minutes will not let you get bored, and the compact box will even fit in a backpack pocket. It’s one of the best fantasy board games.

King of Tokyo

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It’s an exciting board game. In this bright and light game for 2-6 people, you control monsters and destroy the capital of Japan and your enemies. Throw dice and collect combinations to attack, heal, and evolve.

This is one of the funniest party board games suitable for adults and active children of 8 years old and older. High competition and rivalry will help the child teach how to win and lose with dignity. This is the best board game of the year.


Keskife is a play of French sounds. This is what happens if you very quickly say the phrase “Qu’est-ce qu’il fait” means “What is he doing?”

This is a lively and dynamic fun party board game for big companies, where everyone can fool around. Children simultaneously depict simple tasks, the number of which fell on the cubes. And it’s not only the best 3 player board games – there can be many more players.

For example, they show how to brush their teeth or eat ice cream. Only one participant gets the role of a monkey. The player with such a card must quickly understand what the others are portraying and repeat after them. Keskife perfectly develops imagination and directs children’s energy into a peaceful channel, and also amuses even serious adults.

The aMAZing Labyrinth

fantasy board games

One of the most popular board games that children and adults love. Simple rules, fun gameplay, unpredictability, and great game components. You will turn into wizards looking for magical items in an intricate maze, whose walls move every turn.

The situation in the game is constantly changing, so use logical and strategic thinking to complete tasks faster than your opponents. An addictive race where kids have to find the best route, follow the actions of others and plan carefully

Forbidden Island

A fantasy board game takes the whole family on an exciting adventure. The team needs to collect four ancient artifacts on the island, which is gradually sinking underwater.

Use the strengths of your characters and equipment, and work together to strategize to make your search more efficient. The game teaches kids teamwork and is suitable for all ages. These games are popular with parents because the players win and lose together.


This game is famous all over the world and ranks second in the list of the best board games in the world. This is one of the most popular family strategies and is dedicated to expanding possessions in medieval France. Simple, fast, gambling gameplay captures everyone, regardless of gender, age, and gaming preferences, and the great adventure board games.

Each time, players add a piece of terrain to the common map, populate lands with wards, and receive victory points for this. Logical and strategic thinking, prudence, and good luck help to defeat your enemies in this game.

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An entertaining puzzle for 1-2 people. Players place wooden figures following the tasks so that there isn’t space anymore. Intellectual entertainment, where the complexity of the task increases: the bigger the area that needs to be covered, the more difficult it is to correctly arrange the figures. An excellent nerdy board game for those who like complex decisions.

In an alternative version of the rules of the game, participants collect animal silhouettes and other recognizable figures from multi-colored pieces of wood. This puzzle develops your spatial imagination with ease and ease. And different levels of difficulty make Katamino an interesting and accessible board game for everyone – from 3 up to even adults.

Ticket to Ride Europe

This is a perfect Christmas board game to play. We present you the sequel to one of the best board games, Train Ticket. Now let’s make a trip to Europe!

This game is not so complicated. During your move you can do one of four actions: either take two carriage cards from the deck, or pave a path (that is, place your plastic wagons on the path marked on the map), or take route cards linking different cities, or build a station, use the paths of another gamer to finish your routes. Find this right for Christmas board games entertainment for all families.

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Game of Thrones

It’s a war strategy board game with 3 to 6 players. Using strategic planning, great diplomacy, and skillful management of available cards. Probably, one of the best war board games.

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