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best ps 4 games

There are so many different kinds of video games for kids in the digital world. Let’s check what they prefer to play with and what are the most popular video games in the kid’s world.


Minecraft is an indie open-world sandbox game with survival elements. In style, the game world is entirely made up of blocks, community, items, players.

The game was originally developed by Swedish programmer Markus Persson, also known as “Notch”. The game was conceived as a clone of Infiniminer, although Persson expressed a desire to simulate its gameplay as Dwarf Fortress and is written in Java using the LWJGL library.

The gameplay in the game is simple – players extract resources to build houses, castles, and entire cities. There are practically no restrictions in Minecraft, except for the height of the level – otherwise, players are free to create whatever they want.

In addition to the computer version also has special mobile versions for smartphones, a version for the PS Vita, and a version for consoles, each in its own way, which differs from the standard version.

Rocket League

If your little child is crazy about sports and just loves cars, then we recommend that you introduce the Rocket League to him.

This game offers a rather interesting setting, where the player is invited to play real football, but instead of the usual football players, there will be real cars. The child has a whole team of cars at his disposal and his main task is to score a giant ball into the opponent’s goal.

Rocket League features a fast, team-oriented process with a very clear goal. Children can create their own unique football player car with a unique set of properties, which is simply a huge amount in the game.

The game features a single-player “Season” mode, as well as multiplayer for eight players. A nice bonus is that on a computer, you can split the screen in two, which allows the child to play with a friend.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum

ps3 games for kids

Another genre of computer games that is perfect for a child is the genre of construction simulations. And one of the best representatives in this genre is Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 – a new addition to the classic city-building simulator Tycoon 3.

As part of this game, children can build their own small town, fill it with an ice rink and create a whole zoo with exotic animals. In addition, no one bothers the player to skate on the rink himself in skates specially created by him.

Such a game will allow the child to learn to be responsible for his actions, as well as to try on the role of a real leader, to whom residents of the virtual town can constantly complain about all sorts of inconveniences.

If you want to teach your child the basics of running your own business, then this game will be just a real find for you.


The main feature of any adventure game is the simultaneous orientation of both children and adults. Yooka-Laylee invites you to dive into a real adventure in a whimsical world inhabited by cute and memorable characters.

The mechanics of the game are very well thought out and do not force the user to concentrate too much on it, choosing their own pace of passage through the plot.

The game’s plot is based on the adventure of two sidekicks: a chameleon and a bat. In order to cope with all the obstacles, friends must work as a real team and benefit from the special skills of each of them.

The objectives of the adventure focus on finding various items and bonuses that can give the characters new unique abilities. With its simple game mechanics, cool soundtrack, and nice graphics, Yooka-Laylee is able to please both children and their parents.

Forza Horizon 3

best ps4 games for kids

I’m sure that every boy in childhood dreamt of turning the steering wheel of a real car, feeling the pleasure of driving, and smelling the smell of burnt tires. Unfortunately, in real life, such feelings are not available to a child.

But here the PC comes to the rescue. We believe that the best racing game for kids is Forza Horizon 3. It’s amazing how the developers were able to create such a realistic game with such beautiful graphics and landscapes of Australia.

In Forza Horizon 3, a child will not only be able to drive supercars on the race track but also fine-tune the virtual driver’s character, tune the car up to the point where you can select the sound of the car horn.

The developers of Forza Horizon 3 gave players complete control over the car. So, more than 350 cars are available for selection, among which there are trucks from Ford and Teslas, as well as such charged cars as Ferrari, Mercedez-Bens, and many others.

And also it has a multiplayer game mode. Where kids can team up with friends in small gangs to make racing events even more unique.

Enjoy playing but don’t forget to take a break and go out and play in the real world. Playing outdoors can actually be exciting as well.

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