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Bow and Arrow for Kids, Make It by Yourself

A bow is one of the most ancient weapons. It came through centuries and didn’t lose its prominence. Nowadays many people enjoy shooting and compete. Kids are into a bow too.

If your children and you are interested in a topic on how to make a kid bow and arrow, surprise them and make it at home together. Your kids will be very glad. So, let’s get started.

How to make a bow and arrows for kids?

how to make a kid bow and arrow
  • The most important step is choosing the appropriate wood. Stick has to be dry enough without any cracks. The best choices are yew, lemon, reed, bamboo, acacia, oak, etc. The length of the rod has to be approximately 1,8 m without any knots, twigs, and twists. The flexibility of a bar is of great importance, it is a key moment. The bar has not been very thick or thin. Let’s take into consideration bamboo, it is a perfect variant because it is flexible, strong, and not too thin. Some people prefer using a green rod, but although a green one is very flexible, it is not so strong as a dry one. So choose the second in order to make the best bow and arrow for kids.
  • Mind, natural stick’s curve, while you are making an arrow.
  • Define the bow’s edges and a handle. The center of a bow is an exact place where you will hold it.
  • Shaping a bow – clean the wood with a knife, get rid of knots and some other problems, but be careful do not damage its structure, form, do not break it. It has to be smooth from different sides. The strongest and thickest part has to be in the central (you hold it).
  • Don’t forget about making notches with a knife to attach the string. Take 2.5 – 5 cm from the tip. They have to be outside not inside of your bow. Don’t make them too deep, cos it will damage a bow for sure.
  • Make knots at two sides of your string and tighten it. The bowstring has to be shorter than your bow.
  • Stretching out the bow. Hanging the bow upside down, pull it down very very slowly, constantly check its evenness, correct if necessary. Bowstring’s distance has to be the same (equal) to the distance between the user’s arm and jaw. Your arm has to be extended (fully) from the shoulder. Now you know how to make kids bows, but remember everything is individual, and you can change the length of a bar if it is too big for a child.

Continue the topic how to make a homemade bow and arrows, lets proceed to arrows:

bowen arrow for kids
  • You need to find appropriate dry and straight branches. If we are talking about green ones, it is not a bad idea, but it is much better to use dry wood. Its length does not have to exceed half of the bow’s length.
  • Give a shape to your arrows: clear every branch. It has to be very smooth and sharpen the arrow’s tip. Although the arrowhead is not so necessary, it creates some special atmosphere and feeling. That is why use your imagination, you can use stone, metal, glass etc.
  • The last step is making the arrow’s feathering. It can be missed, but it has quite an important option – arrows’ directing during the flight with greater precision. It improves quality and exactitude.

So, you have passed the main course of DIY bow and arrow for kids and now you have basic knowledge of how to get Bowen arrow for kids right.

Necessary information for all parents – kids shouldn’t use bows and arrows without adult supervision. Test it and approve it before use. Make a target, it can be anything, for example, cans, bales…

Homemade bow and arrows for kids arise archery’s interest, develop logical thinking, and entertain. 21 century is a time of modern technologies, computers, phones, and virtual intellect, but a lack of physical activity, movement have a bad influence on a child’s development. Try to have active rest, and fun, archery is a very interesting and unusual idea, your kids will appreciate and like it.

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