Bubble Painting For Kids – How to Make at Home and the Best Ideas For Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting

Soap bubbles – iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow, always bring a smile and delight. Did you know that you can draw with soap bubbles?This is a very interesting technique, it will delight both adults and children.You can not only blow bubbles but also make bubble painting with straws. If you want your child to grow up in initiative, versatile, able to make unusual decisions, then you need to develop creative imagination. Bubble painting is perfect for this. Drawing soap bubbles improves creative imagination, helps to see similarities between, at first glance, nothing similar objects. Bubble painting for kids delivers a lot of positive emotions.

To draw bubble painting, you will need:

  • Disposable cups;
  • Sheets of thick paper;
  • Gouache or food coloring;
  • Soap bubble solution;
  • Cocktail Sticks;
  • Disposable spoon;
  • Pencils or markers.

If there are no ready-made soap bubbles, then you can use a simple recipe for the solution.

Bubble Painting Recipe

Bubble Painting Recipe

The easiest and fastest recipe for making a solution of soap bubbles: take cups, pour a little water, dissolve any paint or food coloring, add liquid soap. The intensity of the color on the paper will depend on how much you add paint.

Recipe for making strong soap bubbles:

  • 300 ml of water (distilled or boiled);
  • 100 ml of shampoo;
  • 50 ml of glycerin;
  • 4 tsp sugar.

How to Make Bubble Paint

Take disposable cups, as many pieces as you will have flowers. One cup for one color. Mix water with liquid soap in a cup. Then add the food color. The best composition for soap bubbles: 25 ml of glycerin, 150 ml of water and 50 g.dishwashing detergents.

Bubble Painting With Food Coloring

You can take any food dye that you find in your locker. It is thanks to him that very beautiful colored soap bubbles will turn out.

Bubble Painting on Canvas

You can invite your child to draw bubble paintings on the canvas. Take the stencils and dream up.

Put the stencil on top of the sheet on which the child is drawing. And fill it with a soap solution.

How to Paint With Bubbles

  • Take cocktail tubes, a glass with a colored soap solution and blow into it. Transfer the resulting foam with bubbles to paper. When it dries, you will get amazing watercolor drawings.
  • You can lower the tube into the soap bubbles and blow them directly onto the paper. In this version, you will get neat individual bubbles on paper. You can then finish drawing them or make applications out of them.
  • Blow a tube into a glass with the solution. When the foam rises, attach a sheet of paper on top of the glass. You will get a beautiful print.
  • You can also draw with an ordinary tube that goes along with soap bubbles or tie several cocktail tubes together.

Bubble Warp Painting Preschool

Bubble Warp Painting Preschool

Bubble drawings are often combined with other techniques, supplemented with appliqués or simply outlined to get the desired plot.

  • You can simply decorate the entire sheet in this technique;
  • Finish what you see on paper: flowers, animals, birds, etc.;
  • Cut and use for applications;
  • You can make a postcard or use it as a background for other creative works.

We believe that bubble painting is one of the favorite non-traditional techniques for children.She plunges into the world of magic, bringing a sea of ​​joy and pleasure.Fantasies come to life and are transferred to a sheet of paper in a completely new way.Children develop imaginative thinking, memory, creativity.Most importantly, you do not need to purchase special materials to conduct the lesson. Soap, water and paints are always at hand.

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