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Japanese Bubble Tea: Delicious Bubble Tea Recipe That You Should Definitely Try

Bubble tea is the main product of most modern tea shops. It is unique in that it uses chewy black tapioca pearls. Bubble tea consists of only a few ingredients, but the result is a fun drink with ice, which has already become a universal favorite. Small dark pearls of tapioca dot the bottom of this drink, while the addition of milk, sweeteners and fruits gives unusual notes to traditional recipes. These teas are so popular in Asian countries, such as Japan, that there are even bubble tea shops dedicated exclusively to Japanese bubble tea.

Bubble Tea

To try Boba, you do not need to go to a chic tea shop or to a local coffee shop. You can make Boba tea right in your own kitchen without much hassle. For all the recipes, you will need tapioca pearls. It is easy to buy it online. You will also need a wide straw through which tapioca pearls can pass while drinking. Check out our simple homemade Bean recipes and enjoy a magical cocktail.

Bubble Tea History

homemade bubble tea

The birthplace of such a tea cocktail is Taiwan. Bubble tea was invented in the mid-eighties. It all started with the fact that the Japanese custom of serving tea cold began to practice on the island. To somehow improve and diversify the taste, various sweet syrups, desserts, and tapioca balls were added to the drink. Boba is usually mixed with foamed milk to make a delicious cocktail that will bring pleasure to the whole family. It acquired its name, not because of the presence of balls in the composition, but because oxygen bubbles appeared when the ingredients were intensively mixed. The classic version of Bubble Tea meant the use of tea mixed with sweet carbonated water. Only over time, additional sweeteners, aromatic additives, and edible balls were added to such a cocktail.

What Are The Bubbles In Bubble Tea Made Of?

bubble tea ingredients

The balls in bubble tea are made of starchy flour, which is pressed into the form of balls of the same size. Then especially boiled and poured with different syrups. In addition to the unusual appearance, this supplement contains a lot of vitamins. These balls are drunk through a straw. In addition to tapioca balls, specific additives can be added to the drink – juice ball and jam ball. Juice ball is a capsule with a shell made of seaweed extract, which contains juice inside. Jam ball is the same capsule, only there is a thick jam inside.

Composition and Properties

So, many people know about the benefits of black and green tea: it invigorates, refreshes, gives a charge of energy. Milk carries a lot of necessary vitamins and traces elements to our bodies. Translucent balls are a high-calorie and easily digestible product made from starch cereals. Asians also use this product as baby food. Its advantage is that it does not spoil when frozen. All supplements are natural: juices, fruits, etc. are very useful for health.

How to Drink Bubble Tea

As a basis for the preparation of the drink, black, green varieties of tea, oblong, as well as teas with spices are taken. They use it with the help of a wide tube, through which not only the drink is drawn, but also the pearl balls.

Making Homemade Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Ingredients

  • Boba pearls;
  • Seven cups of water;
  • two tablespoons of honey or sugar syrup;
  • a cup of tea;
  • Ice.

Bubble Tea Recipe

  • First, you need to brew tea. As a basis, if desired, you can also use milk or yogurt, but it is better to take a tea brew.
  • Prepare topping, sweet or fruit syrup.
  • Next, you need to boil tapioca balls. Usually, the method of preparing the balls is indicated on the package.
  • If the cocktail is cold, prepare ice.
  • Mix all the ingredients except the balls (you can use a blender or shaker for this).
  • Pour one tablespoon of balls on the bottom of the glass, pour the resulting mixture.

How to Make Milk Tea


  • Boba pearls;
  • seven cups of water;
  • two tablespoons of honey or sugar syrup;
  • a cup of black or green tea;
  • half a cup of milk;
  • Ice.


  • First, prepare the pearls. Cook the tapioca balls as indicated in the instructions on the package.
  • Then add the tea and milk. You can use different milk:
  • Pour the tea and milk. You can use any milk at your discretion.
  • Do not forget to add ice at the end. Done.

How to Make Bubble Tea with Powder


  • Bubble tea powder
  • Boba pearl
  • tapioca pearls


  • First, boil a small pot of water. After the water boils, add the bean pearls. Cook until softened.
  • Strain the water with a colander. Next, put the bean pearls in the bowl.
  • After your drink has cooled down, shake it with a shaker for two minutes.
  • After you have shaken the shaker well, pour the contents into a cup with bean pearls.
  • Mix it up. Done.

What Does Bubble Tea Taste Like?

To improve the taste of the Bean cocktail, you can add flavorings or fruits and berries to it. The options here are endless. You can make a mango, strawberry, or even orange drink. Just take your favorite fruits and add them to your bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Flavors

The taste of your bubble tea depends on the ingredients that you use. To get new flavors, you can add different fruits. For example, mango or berries. To make the aroma more saturated, you can use honey. Different types of sweeteners affect the taste of the drink, so choose what you like best and enjoy. We believe that Bubble tea is very easy to prepare at home. This drink will appeal to both children and adults because of its unusual taste in combination with chewing balls. Pearl bean tea is a drink whose taste can be changed depending on your preferences. The only condition for obtaining a truly delicious cocktail is the use of high-quality tea since it is the basis of the entire drink.

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