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Cheap and Fun Activities to do This Week: Try Aluminum Foil Art Projects at Home

aluminum foil tape for crafts

There are loads of fun things to do with aluminum foil! Just open your mind, and let your creativity flourish. Lately, as the pandemic seems never-ending, I’ve been trying to find cheaper ways to do fun things at home. I don’t know if you feel the same, but it seems as if even the grocery bill is a push! The kids are becoming even itchier at home, as now their studies are on zoom. I totally don’t blame them, I literally have trauma from working on zoom!

aluminum foil craft projects

Fixing up a little craft has been working nicely in my kid’s favor. At the beginning of the week, I collect ideas and see what I have around the house that could be interesting. I cannot convey this message enough times in my blogs, that there is nothing like quality time with my kiddos doing something creative. They get into their little flow, and I can’t stop them when it’s time to clean up! Let’s be real, can anyone truly be creative if they don’t know how to play? Play is a huge part of their creative flow, I love to sit back sometimes and just watch! There are loads of fun things to do with aluminum foil.

Here are some great examples of DIY aluminum foil art!

Tracing onto aluminum foil

Tracing onto aluminum foil

This super simple craft will for sure get you going in the right direction. Try using aluminum foil tape for crafts, to make your painting

  • All you need to do for this one is place some painters tape on the back of your aluminum foil
  • Take a ballpoint pen on the tape side of your craft and start your design
  • Be careful not to pierce into the aluminum foil
  • Once you’re finished you can flip over your design and see what you have made

Trace items from around your house

  • Take a penny or quarter and place it underneath your aluminum foil
  • Now take a flat item like a ruler
  • Make a rubbing of your coin by brushing back and forth over your coin

Make a rubbing from dried leaves, this one is highly recommended in fall!

rubbing from leaves
  • Collect dried maple leaves, ferns, flowers whatever you can get your hands on
  • Make sure they are not damp from the outdoors
  • Place underneath your aluminum foil
  • Gently rub on top of the aluminum foil to make a tracing of the leaves
  • Get experimental with it, find random items from around the house to try out
  • Don’t forget to be careful as you rub on top of the aluminum foil, as it can tear

(my favorite examples are leaves from trees and coins, they make for the best rubbings in my opinion)

Need some more innovative aluminum foil art ideas? Keep scrolling and we will talk about some more ideas you can do with your kiddos. If you are in need of some more step-by-step help, click the links as you go through the article. Don’t feel pressured to buy all the crafts you see on Pinterest, you can definitely find a meaningful craft from household items. Often I find it much easier to get into my own creative groove when I need to improvise with the items I use.

It may not come out picture-perfect, but I enjoy the process much more. I realized this day and age, everyone is obsessed with taking pictures and documenting moments. I’m not against it at all, I just believe that we can all take a second and enjoy the process of what I make more. Don’t make something just for the picture, make something and just relish these creative moments with your kiddos.

Remember that aluminum foil craft projects are never-ending! Your options are endless as the tin foil is ever so malleable.

  • Try to twist as turn your tin foil into a tree, by starting at the base and making your way up into the branches
  • Fold your tin foil into a king or queen’s crown, have fun painting gems as you go
  • Make tin foil bracelets at a child’s play date

How to make aluminum foil robots

aluminum foil art ideas
  • Start by collecting small cardboard boxes (you can make them if you don’t have them on hand)
  • Wrap as you would a present at Christmas
  • Find different decorations around the house for your robot
  • Use things like a sharpie, pipe cleaners, buttons, paint, or even old nuts and bolts

Let yourself play today with your kids, I truly urge you to get messy and just let that creativity flow! Don’t worry about the mess for now, and just go make some memories. Nothing you cannot do with some reused and recycled household items!

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