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Check Out What’s Hot for Kids These Days: Here’s a List of New Toys for 2021

trending toys for boys 2021

The new toy for boys could just as well be for girls as well! In this day and age, I believe we can make a lot of our toys more unisex, and stop making stereotypes for our kids right from the beginning! From the beginning of my upbringing, I can remember my mother trying to make an active effort to ensure most of my toys were unisex. These days in 2021 there is much more awareness about it. If your child chooses pink or blue over any other color that is one thing, but enforcing them to like a stereotype of their own sex is just plain wrong!

Let your child guide you! They will have their own little preferences from such a young age if you allow them. I can remember my brother loving the color purple when he was a kid because no one told him not to. Let your kiddos choose their own path and preference. You never know, maybe your little girl would truly prefer to play with tractors and trucks, and for Pete’s sake why not! Playing is playing no matter the color it fits into. Trending toys for boys in 2021 can also be for girls, I say why not!

The new toys this year are built to last, and to please! There is a wide range this year anywhere from movie characters like Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian to your classic first bike. Even though the holiday season has passed, there are new and improved toys for you and your children to enjoy. Take a look at our first list here to get some ideas

Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian

popular toys 2021

This toy has shocked everyone in 2020 and 2021 with its unbelievable cuteness. I even saw many people making a crochet version of the Baby Yoda. He comes in many shapes and sizes, from firm to soft and plushy. Even knitted versions! Check it out on Amazon or Etsy. I would even put the plushy version in the list for Newest Toys for Toddlers, as its soft body does not harm any little one.

L.O.L. Surprise Clubhouse

This dollhouse has a shipping container-like structure, with loads of creative opportunities for you and your kiddos. The best part about this dollhouse is that it’s meant to be played with by boys and girls, you have both sexes in doll form that come in the package. The shipping containers pop out to an expanded version as well, it can reach 3+ feet wide. With lots of hang-out zones in the dollhouse, such as; a skate park, mini cinema, and hammock zone. Get yours today and enjoy how boys can get just as much play from a toy like this!

Schwinn Krate EVO Bike

really cool toys 2021

This little bike is perfect for your first-timer bike rider! You have the training wheels on the back, as well as a handle for mom and dad. The handle that is located on the back is perfect for you the parents to control the speed at which your little one is going. Just back peddle to slow down like a real BMX! You can order yours at Dicks Sporting Goods

Squakee the Balloon Dog

This doggo is much more than meets the eye, he looks similar to a dog that a clown would make in a fair, except he is much more talented. He can make sounds, deflate, and he even does tricks! For an incredibly low price for a robotic dog, you can pick up or order yours from any Walmart.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam

This digital camera is perfect for any kids to start filming the world around them. No wonder it has hit the list for Best Toys of the Year! Now you don’t need to worry when your kiddo starts to fiddle with your camera, this device is safe and kid-proof! A sturdy camera to go with them on all of their little adventures. You can pick yours up today at any Walmart.

LEGO Star Wars, Return of the Jedi Death Star Final Duel

This lego set is made to ensure hours of building fun! With loads of pieces and characters to act out, this lego set is surely going to be well-loved in any home. Get yours from any Walmart.

American Girl RC Sports Car

This pretty pink model car is for no ordinary child. It does come with a pretty hefty price tag if you ask me, but if a toy car is your thing then just go for it! The dashboard of your car is decked out with details. You can order yours from the American Girl website. The package includes a remote control, and decorative stickers! This is one of the best fun new toys. This toy has an age range of 8+.

The Animal Interactive Unboxing Truck

trending toys 2021

This truck is packed with cool features, it is suitable for kids ages 4 and up! It has retractable claws, tugging abilities, and of course lights and sounds. This truck can be found at Walmart and has an affordable price tag to go with it. Definitely one of the newest hottest toys this season.

Blume Rainbow Sparke Surprise

This toy has even won the 2020 National Parenting Product Award. Each set comes in different colors to suit your child’s preference. Comes with a variety of apparel for different outfits. Let your child’s inner fashionista flourish with one of these trending kids’ toys. The coolest thing about this doll set is that it grows as a plant would from a flower pot! Pick up yours today at Walmart.

Nintendo Switch

This game console comes in neon blue and neon red! It’s a very versatile little gadget. It has 3 playing styles; tabletop mode, handheld mode, and TV mode. This device is a bang for your buck as you can get a lot out of it. It has a 6.2-inch touch screen display. A battery life that is ready for action! It’s even a best seller on Amazon. It’s an upfront investment to make, but if you’re into gaming this should be on your wishlist.

Calico Critters Family Campervan

kids toys 2021

Attention, hot new toys for girls alert! This mini campervan is just the sweetest little thing. Everything you can imagine yourself having in your campervan, you have right here! Lots of cooking space and a sweet hang-out zone. You can even get a little car to tow your campervan, of course, sold separately. The van even sleeps up to four dolls. You can open it up to its expanded version for easy access to all the accessories, or drive around in style with the lid closed. You can order yours online at Epoch Everlasting Play.

Kid Made Modern, Arts and Crafts Library

hot new toys this year

Encourage your kids to get crafty and get away from our world of screens. There is nothing like letting your creative genius flow from a young age. This kit comes packed with loads of things to do. When they say craft library, they truly mean it, this does not fail you in the craft department. Included in this kit you have; googly eyes, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, scissors, sequins, beads, gems, wooden pieces, felt, pom poms, needles, and thread. I highly recommend buying this kit if you don’t craft very much at home, it has many options inside to get you started in the right direction. Cool toys this year don’t have to be the best and fastest technology out there, sometimes good old-fashioned crafting is the way to go.

Barbie Dream Closet Playset

For new toys coming out, this is one to beat! Any kid’s dream will be fulfilled with this fashion playset. Barbie has done it again with this unfolding toy. We advise that this toy not be used for kids 3 and younger, as it has many little parts. This playset comes with a fully loaded walk-in closet of dreams. Next to the closet, you have a mini-office with a laptop. Place Barbie in her standing holder while you decide what she will be wearing for her next adventure. With many tiny parts to this playset, your kids will have everlasting fun organizing and reorganizing where everything goes. You can find yours today at Target, or order online from various shops. Let that fashionista flourish with this new playset!

Osmo Math Wizards Magical Workshop

Newly released toys, hello 2021! This game works great on iPad or Fire Tablet. It is curriculum inspired, great for those of you who are educating your kiddos this year from home. Home education is becoming more popular with the prolonged pandemic, get yours today to aid yourself in teaching some STEM tools. The magical thing about this game is that it comes with a small projector that you attach to the camera of your tablet or iPad, which then projects an image onto your game board. This process is just magic to little kids. Specifically for kids ages six to eight. You can order yours today from Amazon.

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Jurassic World Epic Roarin’ Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hot new toys this year is the bomb! Even though dinosaurs don’t walk the earth today, we can make them walk! This robotic T-Rex has a multitude of skills; he can roar, he can shake realistically, and boy can he move! He is only for kids ages four and up of course. His joints have large ranges of motions, for more playing options. If your kids are Jurassic World fans, this is the toy for you. Kids’ toys in 2021 are getting more and more realistic and advanced, who would have thought we could have a toy dinosaur as real as this one! Get yours online today from Amazon.

Tobi Robot Smartwatch

Sometimes all kids want, is to be just like mom and dad. This watch has a similar look to the apple watch. This watch has a playful personality, he has moveable robot arms and legs, he has a multitude of different functions. There are over fifty different watch faces, the watch can help kids tell time, start timers and alarms, set calendar reminders, and loads more!

If you’re in the market for a new watch for your kiddo, this one has hit the list for trending toys 2021. The watch is splash-proof, so you don’t need to worry about any slops getting on it. It has many ways to be worn, the classic way as a watch, it can be changed into a mini propped up alarm clock, or attached to clothing with a clip. It has loads of games and even two cameras! It has storage of up to 512MB! You can order yours online from Amazon.

Cry Babies Goodnight Coney Doll

newly released toys

This one is a hit of really cool toys 2021. The best part is it makes your life that much easier! This genius doll has a glowing face at night time, so those who are scared of the dark have no more to fear! It even has a detachable pacifier, so your toddler and the doll will be matching as they drift off to sleep.

The fuzzy jacket that dresses her up like a lamb, is just the right amount of softness to cuddle up to at night time. Half doll and half night light this baby doll is just what you need for a full night’s sleep. You can pick up or order yours from Walmart. With an extremely affordable price, in my opinion, this is a great option for most families.

Pets Alive Fifi the Flossing Doll

I know what you’re thinking… “Yes, a toy that will make my kid floss their teeth” Well just to get you up to date flossing is a dance move! Popular toys 2021 have not failed with this one! Place Fifi in the middle of the room and she will teach you how to do the floss! This toy is battery-powered, and is full of vibrant energy! Fifi is a toy made by the company Zuru.

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