Collaborative Art Projects For Kids 13 Ideas Of Group Art Projects For Kids That You Should Not Miss

If your child periodically gets upset, saying: “I do not know how to draw this” or “I do not draw beautifully”, stop teaching your child to draw, as they do in various drawing circles, and try to do big art projects. They develop creative abilities and are very exciting.

What Are Cooperative Art Projects?

What Are Cooperative Art Projects?

Art projects are a kind of productive kid’s activity, which can be focused on the aesthetic organization of the space and on the creation of beautiful, useful objects that make up the child’s environment. Group art activities turn a drawing lesson into a simple and fun activity. Group art activities for kids are created to simplify the work of a child and get information through communication and fun. Cooperative art projects provide for the disclosure of kid’s creative abilities through the introduction and application of non-standard artistic drawing techniques by them. Kids have an increased interest in artistic creativity. A variety of drawing methods, unusual methods of visual activity, develop original ideas in children and develop imagination. There is no strict control, but there is creative freedom. The result is usually very effective and almost does not depend on skill and abilities.

Advantages of Group Projects for Kids:

  • Group art projects bring children closer together and help them get to know each other better.
  • Art projects develop children’s artistic and creative abilities.
  • Art projects help to improve drawing skills in different drawing techniques with different materials.
  • Group arts and crafts activities allow kids to develop creative imagination.
  • Projects improve the ability to combine different materials in one drawing to obtain a complete picture
  • Fun group projects help the child to receive information playfully. Such projects improve drawing skills and leave many positive emotions.

Art Collaboration Ideas

Draw a Zoo with Your Palms

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One of their interesting group art project ideas is drawing the overall picture with the help of palms. Invite the children to draw a zoo, but let everyone draw their own animal in the shape of a palm. It is very simple. The palm acts as a template – first a sketch, circle the palm on a piece of paper, and then try to draw an eye here or there. Alternatively, let the child first dip his palm in paint, and then print it on a common canvas. For example, Green paint will give you a print that can be beaten in the form of a frog. You can draw the eyes separately on white circles of paper, just stick the eyes on the drawing with paper glue. Therefore, you will be able to collect a whole zoo of animals in the form of palms. This is very cool.

Drawing with Your Feet

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Another similar group art project for kids is drawing with your feet. Arrange a real dance floor with paints. Attach a piece of paper to the floor with adhesive tape. You can create simultaneously with two feet on one sheet of paper. Letting the children dance or draw beautiful figures with their feet, and then connect their drawings, and you will get a real colorful masterpiece. It is fun and simple.


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Make the background with different colors and tell the children to paint on it with splashes. The most important thing here is to master the “spray” technique. On a dry toothbrush with stiff bristles, apply gouache, a little less than you usually put on toothpaste. Hold the brush in your left hand with the bristles down a short distance from the paper and use want to spray the bristles on the paper. You can use a variety of colors, as long as they are in the background. It will turn out to be a very beautiful place for photos. Children are very fond of such collaborative art projects ideas.

Create a Picture and Thread

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Drawing with threads is another interesting collaborative art project for kids. Woolen threads can also be used as a means of drawing. Use the buttons on the bulletin board. Arrange them in a different order and let the children circle them with threads. Every kid has their own imagination and as a result, you will get a whole wall of art.

Community Art Projects For Kids

Drawing with Blots

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Take a large canvas and put it away from the children at a distance. Children should take paintballs and throw them into the canvas. You will get a general picture of colored blots, kids will be very happy to leave the balls with paints and create a whole picture out of it, and most importantly all passers-by will be able to appreciate their creativity.

Colored Stones

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Children really like to draw on stones. Let each of them paint a stone, and then they will assemble them into one large drawing. It can be a forest or some kind of animal. It all depends on the imagination of the children.

Group Art Projects For Preschoolers

Mosaic of Bottle Cap

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Do not throw away the bottle cap, but paint them and assemble a beautiful mosaic. It can be any animal, for example, a frog or a chicken. Such work unites the team and leaves only positive emotions.

A Wall of Butterflies

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Let each kid make his own butterfly out of paper. They can be of different sizes and colors. Stick all these butterflies on the wall and you will get the whole wall in these beautiful insects. This is an interesting and fun activity for children. The result will be very beautiful because each butterfly will be unique. Kids can also make flowers out of paper and stick them on the wall as well. Then the picture will turn out even more colorful.

Group Crafts For Kids

Fish Made of Plastic Plates

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Let the children take a plastic plate and paint it in the form of fish scales, and then put their plates together and get one big fish with colorful scales. Such group work will definitely appeal to every child.

Fish Made of CD Disks

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Take the CDs and draw fins, mouth, and eyes of fish for them, and then collect a whole ocean of fish from them, pre-draw the background with blue paint. If desired, you can paint the disks themselves with markers. You get many, colored fish.

Peacock Made of Pencil Shavings

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Take colored pencils and sharpen them well. Collect the shavings that will remain from pencils. Collect the peacock’s tail from the shavings, and it will be very interesting and beautiful.

Collaborative Painting Ideas

Make Your Own Puzzles

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One of the interesting group painting activities is to draw your own puzzles. Find large puzzles and let the children paint them in their own style. You can give them a themed picture. For example, a forest of animals or Disney cartoon characters. Then collect these puzzles, and you will get a completely new picture.

Draw the Alphabet

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This preschool group’s art project is not only interesting but also informative. Let each child take a letter from the alphabet and draw an animal or an object starting with this letter next to it. You will get an alphabet with drawings.

We believe that art projects are a great way to learn new drawing techniques, develop creative abilities and find new friends. Working in a group brings together and develops creative skills, imagination, and such qualities as independence and determination.

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