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Discover What Is Television & How Many Benefits and Negatives of TV for Kids

pros and cons of television

Television is a very important thing in our life. What does TV mean now? It is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Firstly, this invention has only advantages of TV, because it was a worldwide window.

In this way, people can learn about the world. In the course of time, watching TV has become one of my favorite activities. Now we are going to speak about television’s advantages and disadvantages.

In the first part of this article, I will try to make a list of the negatives and benefits of TV. In the second part, you can read about kids and how TV has an effect on children.

TV and Parents

Let’s start with the advantages of watching TV:

Cheap Entertainment

TV provides cheap entertainment. It helps to relax after a hard day at work. There are many programs on TV: news and sports programs, talk shows and TV games, documentaries, concerts. In this way, people can escape from reality and forget about their problems.

Virtual Trip

It is the second pros of watching TV. TV is a window into the world, which gives you an opportunity to “travel” all over the world. You can learn interesting traditions and news about different countries. Not all people have the opportunity to travel. You can see the whole world and unusual places.

Not Alone

TV can help lonely people to feel not alone. People can spend their evenings in front of a TV screen. They can cook with TV or travel. There are many ways not to feel lonely.


TV has a big power to educate people. There are many educational programs. For example The Science Channel or the Discovery Channel. You can not only entertain yourself but also learn interesting facts and languages. On TV, there are many channels from all over the world. You can choose a different foreign language and improve your skills. You can listen to or read subtitles. Furthermore, you learn new words and widen your horizons.

Get Away from Stress

The last pros of television. In the modern and busy world, there are many stressful situations. Everyone has a stressful lifestyle. TV can help to get away from problems. While watching TV, you can have a rest and change your thoughts. You can choose comedy or shows that make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine!!! TV has not only pros and cons.

In the second part of this article, there are pros and cons about kids. Children can be more dependent on TV than adults. Let’s start from advantages:

advantage and disadvantage of television

Disadvantages for Parents:

These are some disadvantages of watching TV:

TV Makes Us Antisocial

Some people argue that television is a terrible waste of time. People become lazier and spend their free time at home. They learn nothing in front of the TV. Some people prefer to stay at home instead of meeting friends or going out. You can waste your life on the sofa and be a couch potato.

Change Your Life

TV can ruin your real life. You forget about your family, friends. It can be dependent on TV. You can spend more time with your lovers or friends, but you choose TV programs. It can break your relationships. TV can’t replace real communication and love.

Not Good for Your Health

There are many illnesses, which you can have. For example obesity, behavior problems, heart diseases, insomnia, and other health problems. Instead of going for a long walk, you watch 3 hours a day TV and eat fast food or chips. You get not only diseases but negative emotions. There is a lot of news from the whole world that is very bad and can depress you. In this way, you can’t relax and forget about problems and real life.

Advantages and Disadvantages Watching TV for Kids

In the second part of this article, there are pros and cons about kids. Children can be more dependent on TV than adults. Let’s start from advantages:

Get Inspired 

It is very important to inspire your kids to study. Tv can help parents to do it. Your kids can try new things or pick up a new hobby. If children watch their favorite characters or shows, they will be happier. Sometimes kids watch movies rather than read books. They can discover that it was based on a book. After watching, they are inspired to read these books.

Get Cultured and Educational

Kids can learn new languages, or it’s more interesting to watch something in a foreign language. It can be a good way to passively learn. They can learn about nature, the world, and countries. The world is very big, from Tv screen they can explore this interesting world.

Spending Time Together

TV can get families together. They can learn something or during watching the new parents can play with kids. They can watch films or family programs. Everybody has a lot of work, but before TV, they can discuss shows or spend time together. There are the following cons of watching TV.

about television`s advantages and disadvantages

Cons for Children

Firstly, it is a health problem. Children spend a lot of time near the TV. They don’t move. The movement is very important for kids because it can help increase memory and attention. It will also help kids build a foundation for their health. It is important that all young children are physically active every day. But many children sit very close to the TV. It is bad for eye-sight. They can eat unhealthy food near the TV. They can suffer from obesity, heart diseases, and insomnia.

Secondly, it is bad for mental health. The kids watch scary movies. Horror movies contain psychological tricks that create illusions of suspense and danger. After watching TV, children can be cruel and have nightmares. It is very dangerous for psychics and mental health. Scary movies can develop many fears: Spiders? Killer clowns? Blood? Heights? Violent, sex and crime on TV. It has negative effects on children. They can be more aggressive, or they can imitate the same behavior as on TV.

It is very important to control what your children watch. We can protect them from violence and crime. Now we know all television’s advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion, I want to say that the idea is to turn on the TV set only when there’s a fascinating program. As George Mikes once said, that TV teaches us “how to kill, to rob, to shoot and to poison”. But the same can be said about computer games and many films and books.

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