Disney Movie Club: Participation Price, Promotions, Shipping And Everything You Need To Know About Disney Movie Club

The Disney Company has always pleased us with excellent and interesting films. Many Disney films become the highest-grossing and bring a lot of money. Disney is increasingly finding ways to allow movie lovers to create their own movie collections and explore the ever-evolving film archive as much as possible. Along with all this, Disney has created its own Disney movie club, where movie lovers can enjoy watching their favorite movies.

Previously, the Disney Film Club could only receive movies via email. Now you can get movies online. However, it is better to fully familiarize yourself with the rules of the club and find out how it really works. Let us find out what this service offers.

How Does the Disney Club Movie Work?

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In order to become a member of the club, you must sign up for the Disney movie club; it will allow you to buy movies at lower prices. Through this service, you will receive 4 or 5 movies for $ 1 each and free shipping. This is very profitable. Next, you will be able to purchase 5 more films at the usual price for two years. Within a month, you will receive full-length Disney films that you can choose yourself based on your tastes and preferences.

Disney Movie Club Price List

Disney movie club regular prices $20 about $20 for DVDs and about $30 for Blu-ray. However, you can get more if you search well. Disney Movie Club offers many promotions and discounts to its users. With Disney movie club enrollment, you will also receive many discounts and promotions. Therefore, for example, you can buy movies for $1, get free shipping, or choose 5 Disney movies for $1 and get free shipping along with it. The coupon code is 60047D. Alternatively, using the code “30058”, you can get 5 movies for $1, also get a Disney movie club frozen blanket, and also get free shipping.

Disney Movie Club Account

An account in the Disney movie club will make you a personal profile. You will be able to delete and add delivery addresses there, change passwords and change credit card information. When you create your account, go to the “My Account” section at the top of each page and get access to your information. You can also sign up to receive free Disney movies by mail, just check the box in the “My Account” section and in the “settings” field.

How Much Is Disney Movie Club?

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Disney movie club cost is free, but to purchase DVDs, you need to pay about $20. If you want to buy Blu-ray format, they will cost you about $30. If you calculate the Disney movie club membership cost for two years, then you will spend about $100 on DVDs and $150 on Blu-ray movies. If you want to use the full set and try all the features, then it can cost you a lot of money.

Disney Movie Club Rules

After your Disney movie club commitment is fulfilled, you will become a full member of the Disney movie club. Thanks to this membership, you will receive offers that are even more special and other discounts. You will also have additional benefits that are only available through this service. The customer will know about these opportunities immediately after signing up for a subscription and will become a full-fledged participant.

How Do I Cancel The Disney Movie Of The Month Club?

If you decide to leave my Disney movie club, then you must inform one of the employees. You can find the phone number on the official website. Next, you must say that you want to leave the Disney Movie Club. A Disney employee can help you during business hours from Monday to Friday. You must speak clearly and decisively to understand that leaving the club is your final decision. However, do not forget to save the confirmation of the end of the subscription. A letter will be sent to the post office confirming that your membership in the club has been terminated

Disney Movie Club Shipping

To get started, you need to subscribe and link a credit card, and then the promotion for beginners allows you to purchase 5 popular Disney movies for just one dollar with free shipping. Next month, the subscription will cost $40. Then you will be able to purchase another movie for $12, and then you will get free shipping again. Then you are given the opportunity to buy a second bonus movie for $9, also with free shipping.

How to Pay for Disney Movie Club Online?

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It is very easy to pay for membership via the Internet. To do this, you must use an electronic card. To clarify which cards will be approved for use, you can contact the main person of the Disney Movie Club.

Do You Need The Disney Movie Club?

Whether to get a Disney movie club membership depends entirely on your desire, but if you love Disney movies, want to build a truly worthwhile collection of Disney masterpieces, and still agree to buy a larger part of the studio, then this will be a good solution for you. It is also impossible not to pay attention to the many discounts and pleasant deals that Disney offers you. If you want to profitably buy movies at a low price, then just try to find a good coupon that will give you a good discount. You can also buy several Disney games. It just depends on what you really want. You can also buy subscriptions to Disney +, where you can also watch many Disney movies at different prices. The Disney Movie Club has more opportunities. Think carefully about your desire, weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision that will best suit you. The Disney Movie Club has a huge selection of Disney movies for every taste. If you are a fan of buying up all the new products, then this offer is exactly for you.


One of the best tips for buying movies on Disney is to order them in large quantities. It will be more profitable for you to order several films at the same time. Therefore, the first film will be at full price, and the next ones will be at a discount. You can get additional movies at a big discount. In addition, sometimes you can get free shipping.

To return the film and not wait for a long refund, call the person on the phone and ask. They can withdraw your credit card and not issue an automatic invoice, and then you will receive an invoice along with the order. Then you will not have to wait

To begin with, you can become a member of the club and receive movies in DVD format, which cost $20. And a subscription to the Blu-ray club will cost you $30. Therefore, first, connect as a DVD participant, and then switch to Blu-ray and get a special movie for $5. We believe that the Disney club movie is a great opportunity to create your own collection of Disney films for the whole family. This is very profitable because when you register, you can buy 5 movies for $1 and in addition, there are many coupons that will also help you save money. Therefore, rather join the big family of Disney cartoons and have a great time with your friends.


We believe that the Disney club movie is a great opportunity to create your own collection of Disney films or enjoy watching online. You will find many friends who also share your interests. In addition to all this, you can find new promotions in the Disney Movie Club every month to save on viewing and get more for less money.

This is an amazing opportunity to plunge into the fabulous world of Disney together with the whole family. So, for example, already at registration you can buy 5 movies for $ 1 and, in addition, there are many coupons that will also help you save money. So rather, join the big family of Disney cartoons and have a great time with your friends.

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