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DIY Barbie Dollhouse: Materials, Plans, Ideas & Step-By-Step Instructions

DIY Barbie Dollhouse: Materials, Plans, Ideas

A happy childhood is a room full of interesting toys. Now there is a very large selection of children’s toys, so every kid can find a toy to his taste. Girls are especially fond of dollhouses: large or compact, equipped with furniture or empty, fairy-tale castles or realistic houses.

Purchased houses for dolls are always beautiful, often of high quality, but often expensive. Loving parents have a great chance to save a little and at the same time give the kid a unique toy.

DIY Barbie Houses Are Better Than Buying

Here are some arguments in favor of spending an evening or two on its production. DIY Barbie doll houses will take much longer than going to the store, but in the end, it will bring you more positive emotions

DIY Barbie Doll House Develops the Imagination

Invite your child to try himself as a designer. Let the child think about how the perfect house should look like, and make some drawings. Do not limit the child’s imagination. Approve of any experiments

Thanks to Barbie House DIY, the Kid Will Learn How to Bring His Ideas to Life

Let the big house for Barbie become the first project of the child, think together how to bring your fantasy to life. Break the creation of an ideal home into several stages, starting from the design and ending with furniture and decorative items.

Barbie House DIY Unites the Whole Family

Let the head of the family cut out the details and nail the homemade shelves with a hammer, and the mother will control the process and help her daughter with the interior design. Turn the process into a game: it will capture the child no less than a desktop or computer game

DIY Barbie Dollhouse Furniture

DIY Barbie Dollhouse Furniture

The Barbie dollhouse does not have a front wall so that it is more convenient for the child to play with the dolls located in it. A homemade house for Barbie can be different: without a wall, with a curtain imitating a wall, with a real opening wall.

The easiest way to make furniture for dolls with your own hands is from ordinary matchboxes. They are glued together with glue, creating certain structures, then pasted with paper or fabric, self-adhesive film, etc. Wooden beads can be used as legs; handles for drawers can be made from small buttons on the legs or from long beads

The choice of one or another option depends on the size of the house and the room in which the toy will stand, the age of the baby and the design features of the structure itself. Wooden or cardboard houses can be equipped with a spectacular closing wall, but a dwelling made of fabric is traditionally made open.

DIY Barbie House Plans

DIY Barbie House Plans

Barbie dollhouses are made of everything from wood to cardboard folders for papers. The breadth of opportunities gives parents a chance to create a unique, original product for their child that will take into account the interests and preferences of the child. Compact soft houses made of fabric are more suitable for kids, light cardboard houses for children 3-6 years old, and solid buildings made of plywood or old furniture are more suitable for school children.

However, it is not enough to make a beautiful house – you also need to equip it: decorate the walls and floor, arrange furniture, add accessories, and settle dolls. A self-made dollhouse is constant creativity: the search for new solutions, the addition of original details, and the settlement of new residents who need new rooms and additional furniture.

Barbie House Plans Made of Boxes or Cardboard

The ideal option for joint creativity is the creation of a Barbie dollhouse from cardboard boxes. Its dimensions can be any: small figures will be cozy in a shoebox; a vacuum cleaner box will fit more dolls, and if you want a doll’s mansion, look for a box from under a washing machine or refrigerator. Work with the box begins with the removal of one of the walls, as well as the installation of partitions between rooms.

The box becomes a blank for the future house: the walls, floor, and ceiling are decorated with paper; plastic furniture can be placed in the rooms that the house can withstand. Such a home for dolls is attractive for its lightweight, so it is not difficult to move it to another room or take it outside in the summer. You can make a house not only from ready-made boxes, but also from sheet cardboard: you will need patterns, glue, scissors, and colored paper, as well as imagination and the desire to turn boring brown cardboard into a real fairy-tale castle.

DIY Barbie Dollhouse Plans Made of Drywall

To make Barbie dollhouses from drywall, you will need a diagram of the parts and the material itself. Neatly cut drywall is connected with small corners, and then the walls are putty and painted (or pasted with wallpaper). Such a house looks like a real one, especially if you observe the layout of the rooms, as in real housing.

Barbie House Plans Made of Old Furniture

To turn an old cabinet into a stylish toy, you will need the help of your father or grandfather, because you will need to cut windows with a jigsaw, rearrange shelves or change the configuration of the contents of the cabinet by adding partitions. For maximum comfort of the playing child, all surfaces are rubbed with a thin layer of putty, which also allows the house to look more attractive. The final finishing of the finished house is entrusted to the mother, who together with the baby chooses wallpaper for all rooms, floor covering, furniture and decor. The walls of the house can be simply painted; you can glue it with wallpaper, colored or packaging paper.

Homemade Barbie House Plans Made of Fabric

A fabric house can be of two types: a suspended version with folding shelves or a handbag house that unfolds into a full-fledged dwelling. Even a beginner can sew such a house:

• You need to make a dense back wall with a thematic pattern,

• provide a place for future shelves-rooms

• sew the “floor of the room” and place cardboard inside,

• sew the improvised floor with one edge to the base and secure it with ribbons or ribbons in a horizontal position,

• pick up light furniture, soft dolls and populate the house.Please note that the Barbie size dollhouse plans must be larger than the doll.

How to Make Barbie House: Do It Yourself Barbie Doll House

How to Make Barbie House: Do It Yourself Barbie Doll House

You Will Need:

  • boxes (according to the number of rooms, from 2 to 6 pcs)
  • thick cardboard
  • scissors
  • stationery knife
  • ruler
  • glue for paper
  • paints, colored paper, self-adhesive wallpaper

Step 1

Do not forget. The height of the dollhouse Barbie should be a little more than the height of the doll. Take a large and wide cardboard box, cut it into two parts to make two or three boxes, depending on what kind of house you want to make.

Step 2

Draw windows and doors with a pencil, and then carefully cut them out. Cover it with duct tape, masking tape, or white paper.

Step 3

Paste colored paper on the walls and floor, the remnants of wallpaper. You can draw patterns on the walls with watercolor paints or gouache.

Step 4

Cut out the glass from a transparent folder or cover. Stick cardboard on top and attach it to the walls.

Step 5

Download a picture of the door from the Internet, print it out, and glue it. The handle can be made from a button or a bead. On the Internet, you can find other items of the interior for Barbie dolls house, for example, a laptop and a small library. Print them out on a color printer and glue them.

Step 6

The edges of the house can be pasted with a brown film under the tree, and the walls — the remnants of wallpaper, colored paper, fabric, or magazine clippings. The main thing is that the color of the materials fits into the overall concept.

Done! You have made out cool Barbie dollhouses

We believe that a DIY Barbie dollhouse is a great way to spend time usefully and give your child unforgettable emotions. After all, a dollhouse will never get tired of a baby, and making it with your own hands is even more exciting.

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