DIY Chalk: Great Weekend Activity to do With Your Kids

how to make colored chalk

Keep reading on and we will talk about all our secrets to your own homemade chalk recipe. Whether you’re looking for an all-natural approach or just using products from your local store, DIY chalk will keep your kids preoccupied for a bundle of fun during the whole pandemic, and going on!

Perhaps you live in the city or in the countryside, any kid will find an endless amount of fun from this craft! (However, make sure that there is a safe place to play around with the chalk. Look out for cars and other moving vehicles.)

Making the chalk as well as playing with it can both be fun activities for the kids, and the parents as well. We will talk here about how to make colored chalk and how to make chalk at home. It’s easier than you can imagine! Every chalk recipe is a little different, some use eggshells and some use plaster as a base.

Whatever you got stored at home will work! The best part about DIY chalk is that it’s just as easy to make as it is to clean up. If your kids had a blast in your front driveway, either wait until it rains or gives it a rinse with the garden hose. In my experience, as it goes for outside activities, this is by far the easiest cleanup.

Sometimes getting the kids involved can even be the best part, for example, if it’s summer put them in their bathing suits and just let them have fun with the garden hose. Usually by the end of their screaming and splashing the driveway is totally wet, and the chalk has been rinsed away. You gave them an amazing time, while they were cleaning up the driveway. It’s a win-win situation.

how to make chalk at home

You can even go as far as using different shapes for your chalk, like an old toilet paper roll or fun ice cube tray. If your kiddos are a little younger and making chalk with plaster scares you, I would definitely opt for using the method of eggshells. I found a homemade chalk recipe that uses eggshells, for those that are interested in a more eco-friendly route. This option is 100% great if you’re concerned about younger kids ingesting a little from licking their hands!

How do you make the chalk you ask? We’re here to help by having a few links at the ready with all your chalk recipe options. It might seem like making chalk is a lot of hassle just for one toy. All I’m saying is that this one piece of chalk opens up a world of opportunities for creativity for kids. A chance for them to get outside in this pandemic, soak up some sun and spike their inner artisans.

How to make chalk? It can be as easy as just gathering these ingredients at home; paint (optional), plaster, water, and your chosen container. Another great thing about this craft is you can find a use for your old toilet paper rolls! This is all about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! I highly recommend letting your chalk dry for at least 24hrs, this way it has enough time to cure and won’t crumble during use.

I usually use Tempera paint as it is non-toxic and washable. Safe for the kids! Keep in mind that the more paint you will use it will weaken your DIY chalk. I suggest playing around until you’re satisfied with the consistency of your homemade chalk recipe. Whichever method you use, you will be definitely impressed at how convenient this craft is to make. Due to Covid-19, I needed to become extra innovative to keep my kiddos entertained on a strapped budget!

We used the activity of chalk as a homeschool art class. Anyhow the kids are attending school from Zoom, I thought it could be enjoyable to add in some non-screen activities. Not to toot my own horn but I love that this chalk craft it’s a win-win. Just make your own chalk, it’s that easy!

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