DIY Fairy Glow Jars: Step-by-Step Instruction and Creative Tips You Should Know

Is your child a fan of fairy tales and magical creatures such as fairies or witches? We know what can make him happy! DIY fairy jars’ pictures are all flooded on Pinterest. Satisfy your kid with a fascinating toy, which takes no longer than 20 minutes to make.

DIY fairy jars

Necessary Materials for Glowing Fairy Jar

  • Mason jar (take any size you need to, but do not use a too small jar, because glow stick may not fit there)
  • Glow stick (the thick ones)
  • Holographic white or clear glitter.
  • Scissors
  • Paper towel

We recommend using thick glow sticks because it is hard to get the liquid from thin sticks. One glow stick could be enough for a 2 cup glass jar, but you can take more if you want to. And what about sparkle: we suggest using this type of glitter. A dense will not let the light of glow stick liquid out, and it will not glare. Also, holographic glitter pieces reflect light like little mirrors and that makes DIY fairy jars shine brighter.

Fairy Jar Instructions

Prepare the jar: make sure it is clean, take the lid off, and leave.

Set paper towels on your working area: table, floor, or whatever it is. Then grab the glow stick, flex, and shake it to make it work and luminous. Accurately cut off the bottom of the glow stick. Do not cut it to the end of the stick, because it may fly off. Bend the tip and pour liquid into the jar. Do not leave empty glow sticks in the house and get rid of them.

Then put the glitter in the jar. The more glitter you pour, the brighter will be fairies in a jar.

Close the jar and shake it up like crazy. Make sure that glow liquid is mixed up with glitter and covered the inner surface of the jar. The fairy jar is ready!

If you are making fairies in a jar during daylight hours, you will not see the glow. But you can go to a dark room or wait until evening and look at how beautiful it is.

DIY fairy lights jar will shine as long as glow sticks liquid will keep its light. Google says that standard glow sticks glow for eight to twelve hours Actually some of them can last much less. But it does not matter with kids: they will love these glow stick jars with glitter as long as they will light or maybe even less time.

Reusable Fairy Jar Tutorial

Fairy jar DIY

If you want a jar to glow for more than a few hours, you can make a reusable one. We suggest a couple of ways.

Fairy jar DIY with battery-operated LED string lights.

Needed materials:

  • Battery-operated LED string lights.
  • Mason jar.
  • Tape or glue.
  • Some decorations.

We advise you to buy a LED garland with a small battery holder that can fit in the jar.

Attach the battery pack to the bottom of the lid and place the light string in the jar. Tape it in such a way, so you can still get to the switch. Fill the jar with fabric like tulle or organza and or cellophane: it will make the light softer.

DIY fairy in a jar with glow-in-the-dark paint

DIY fairy in a jar

Needed materials:

  • Glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Mason jar.
  • Brush
  • Some decorations.

Glow-in-the-dark paint can be “recharged” by the sunlight. So when it finishes the glow, you can leave your jar to the window on a sunny day.

All you need is to paint the inner surface of the jar with this paint. You can make dots, patterns, or other drawings, but do not paint over the jar. In that case, decorations will not be visible.

How to Make Fairy Jars More Creative

What about decorating? You have plenty of ways to make your jar extra special and unique. Here some of them.

Ornament jar with a design

Painted or printed pictures bring even more magic. You can place on the jar some mystical or spooky prints or anything that your kids like: Tinkerbell fairy, witches, unicorns, stars, moon and sun, butterflies, flowers, animals, or even pumpkin if it’s Halloween! Use acrylic paint or paper, add patterns to your pictures and feel free to be creative.

Create nature motives

Make a forest fairy jar by adding artificial flowers and plants. Top the jar with ferns, moss, pinecones, or succulents. Burlap and floral strings can also be good for creating a nature-based effect.

Add more glow and elegance

Encrust the jar with vivid gemstones, rhinestones, beads, or figurines. Place on the lid some fancy fabric or wrap it with a cute ribbon.

Are the Glow Sticks Toxic?

Google says that the ingredients of the glow stick liquid mainly non-toxic. Although, swallowing it can cause upset stomach and mouse irritation. That means that the glow stick liquid is on one level of danger with household chemicals. You can not be afraid to use them for your creative ideas, but you must be careful and use rubber gloves.

How to Clean the Jar?

If you ever need to clean the fairy jar, remember that you can not dump glow sticks down the drain. You can not also recycle the jar because of the chemicals that were in them.

To clean the jar pour the glow stick liquid on paper towels. Then use a paper towel to wipe out the glitter from the jar. There also can be pieces of glass from the bent glow stick, so be careful while cleaning the jar.

Put dirty towels in a plastic bag and throw them away in your house garbage. Now you can recycle your mason jar or use it for the craft.

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