Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Make Snowman Snacks Instead

edible snowman treats

Need some ideas for snowman desserts? Read on and we will unpack some fabulously festive ideas. First of all, before you get started, choose one idea and run with it, as there are many to choose from! If you’re in the mood to make some baked goodies, or if you want to make some paper cutouts, we’ve got your back.

Let’s start with of course the classic. The sugar cookie! Make your favorite batch of basic sugar cookies, cut them out either into circles or into snowman shapes if you have them around. Whip up some icing and your rolling! I like to use little candies to decorate as I go or if you wish, just die small portions of icing in order to get your eyes and buttons in! If you don’t have a cookie-cutter for your desired shape of a cookie.

Don’t worry! Take a little look around your house and see if you can find an arrangement of cups. Line them up from the smallest to the largest, and just use three of those instead. Don’t forget to let your cookies cool before you start decorating! I often don’t wait long enough by mistake, because decorating is just my favorite part!

candy snowman craft

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Well, there are plenty of snowman food ideas out there. First of all, just think of all the white food you eat, there you go that is already a great start! If your not in the mood for layers of cookies and marshmallows, try making a cheese dip. This one is called the skillet dip. Use your ultimate dinner roll recipe, and make small enough balls to line the rim of your pan.

Whip up your oh-so-cheesy dip and pour inside. Pop that in the oven, I recommend if you’re using a skillet to use a cast iron pan. Once removed your prepped and ready to decorate. Use olives for the eyes and mouth. Like you would use rocks for your real snowman. Then place a peeled carrot in the middle for his nose. Great holiday finger food!

How to make Snowman Snacks better

healthy snowman snacks

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the array of sweet food. Although I know it’s not for everyone. Most snowman snack ideas come jam-packed with loads of sugar. If you’re not wanting to rack up your dentists’ bill after the holidays, maybe go for a healthy alternative. Those kiddos always seem to get a cavity or two around this time of the year

A super easy peasy idea is to take a skewer and line up some bananas cut to pennies. Cut them thick enough so they don’t crack and split. Line them up on a try and ask your kids to come and decorate. You can use anything you wish! These healthy snowman snacks are great for school as well! Pop them in their lunch kit and make their day!

Warning this one is easy peasy! No baking required. If you’re saying yes to that, this candy snowman craft is the one for you. First of all most of these ideas are going to use marshmallows. The easiest way to not make a mess and not use the oven. A cute idea I took inspiration from was a snowman doing a handstand. I found the image on Pinterest and had to try it myself.

All you need is marshmallows, pretzels, and decorating options for the buttons and face. For this one, I just went ahead and used classic icing mixed with food coloring. Stack up your marshmallows and use a bit of your spare icing to cement these puppies together. Paint an upside-down face of a snowman on your bottom marshmallow. Anchor in your straight pieces of pretzels as his arms and legs. Wait until he is all dry before you try and move him to another place in the house.

Actually, edible snowman treats can sometimes be hard to come by, as most of them are covered in sugar-coated gumdrops and Hershey kisses. All is well if this is your case, There are many bite-sized snacks that can also be decorated for fun into snowmen. For example try taking two boiled eggs, stack them on top of each other. Use two pennied carrots for a top hat, and just a sliver of a carrot for the nose. Then use pieces of either parsley or cilantro for the arms.

They even look like trees! For the eyes and buttons, you can use up whatever you have available in your fridge. I just used small pieces of olives because that’s what I had around. Have fun and enjoy yourself this holiday season. Embrace your inner child and craft til you drop!

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