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Dog Day!

dogs are the best

It’s good to know that there are very interesting pet holidays and it’s actually even National Dog Day in August, every Aug 26.

Scientists claim that dogs can have a positive effect on human health and well-being. They mention several reasons that prove that the dog is not only humans’ best friend but also a good helper in the fight for health.

And on this Dog holiday, we prepare interesting healthy facts about our loyal pet friend. Hope this can be a good reason to have a four-legged friend. And you can celebrate every dog’s day.

Can prevent asthma in children

let's celebrate a dogs day

A study of Swedish researchers found that having a dog reduced the likelihood of developing asthma in preschool children by 31 percent and in schoolchildren by 52 percent.

Reduce stress at work

A British study found that people who brought their dogs to work were less prone to stress. Therefore, if possible, scientists recommend occasionally taking animals to work.

Do not allow depression to growth

According to American psychologists, the dog provides serious emotional support and does not let the owner get bored.

Can find cancer

During the experiments, Italian researchers found that a dog can “sniff” a tumor with an accuracy of 97 percent. Similar studies by American scientists have shown that a dog can detect cancer of the thyroid gland, bladder, and prostate.

Can determine blood sugar levels

best pet dog

British scientists have found that 8 out of 10 dogs can accurately determine when the owner has a significant decrease in blood sugar. This discovery will be useful for people with diabetes.

Positive affect to the heart

The results of a Japanese study show that 54 percent of dog owners regularly go for walks or play with them. Such exercises are good for the heart and prevent the development of disease.

A dog can be taught to sniff out allergens

Scientists from Texas believe that dogs can be taught to recognize foods in food to which people are allergic.

Dogs love to hug

According to scientists, during hugs oxytocin is known as the love hormone. Therefore, the owner of a four-legged is not threatened by a bad mood.

Having a dog can bring only positives in your life. On dog holiday, if you already have this devoted pet, just show them your love and care, hug as much as you want, bring an extremely huge food package and feed, walk until you both are unable to run anymore, play with a ball and you can also figure out something new and interesting. Just feel free to open your imagination on Dogs Day and not only on this day!

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