Easy Afternoon Project: How to Make Candy Necklaces

make your own candy necklaces

This is the season for loads of sweets in the house. Let us help you use it up, make your own candy necklaces!

These fabulous homemade candy necklaces are a wonderful activity to try for the weekend. I used this craft idea for after Halloween when we had an abundance of candy lying around. Whether it’s a rainy afternoon or another day of the pandemic at home, try this craft with your kiddos. Yes, making candy necklaces can be a messy ordeal, but sometimes as a Mom, you need to just give in and have fun! For sure you will need to wipe those grubby hands and plop them in the bath after, but trust me this craft is a winner! Try making these necklaces before you watch a movie, then the kids will have an endless amount of entertaining fun while the movie plays. Not to worry this candy jewelry will not last very long and your mess will be over before you know it.

All you will need to collect for this activity is of course candies, twine, and a tapestry needle. If you don’t have a tapestry needle at home or know what it is. It’s just a plastic needle that is bigger and not sharp. You can definitely manage the task without one if you’re still up for it. I recommend using circular-shaped candies such as

  • Life Savers
  • Cheerios
  • Twizzlers
  • Peach O’s

Although from experience I have to say in advance, be aware of the oncoming sugar high that will hit once they have finished their candy necklace craft. Perhaps an outdoor activity post sugar munch can aid in wearing off their sugar high. Taking your kids to the park, maybe even walk there instead of driving to tucker them out. The best part about a well-timed sugar high I have to say is the crash after (if they can nap) always a win for Mom!

candy necklace diy

If you’re concerned about the amount of sugar intake from these crafts, maybe consider using dry fruit instead. For example, dried apple circles or pineapples are a perfect alternative. Another solution for lower consumption of sugar could be to make a bracelet instead of a necklace. That way you have less quantity of candy! If you’re contemplating using dried fruit instead of candy for your DIY candy necklace, you will definitely need to use a needle to poke through those fruits. Measure out your preferred amount of twine or string. You can measure them around their necks or around their wrists for a mini version. Tie a knot at the end of the string to ensure that your candies will not slip off! Either thread your tapestry needle or use your hands, carefully thread through each candy. Go slow in order not to crack or damage your sweets. Try alternating between colors and shapes to create a well-balanced necklace. If your littlest one also wants to be involved, have him/her choose the color and order of the candies and you can do the rest. Embrace your inner child and make candy necklaces this weekend with your kiddos!

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