Easy Origami for Kids: Perfect Educational Entertainment!

simple origami ideas for kids

The ancient art of paper folding! Simple origami for kids is the perfect way to pass the time during hard times in the pandemic.

Finding it hard these days to fill time stuck at home? Easy origami projects for kids have shown some incredible benefits to children. Many elements of the ancient art form are making their way into modern education for kids. Teachers have found large leaps of improvement in problem-solving skills in their students that engage in origami. Performing math becomes easier after having to conceptualize the geometric shapes of origami. Think about it, the paper itself is fractionated off into sections and from there one must think ahead and problem-solve to complete his or her origami. A student performing origami must be disciplined enough to fold evenly, this teaches one to slow down and use patience.

Earn yourself some mega parental points by engaging in a day of fun and easy origami for kids. Science tasks can be difficult for children to conceptualize, easy step-by-step origami for kids helps them along the way to arrive at an intricate folded flower or animal. The series of steps and folding helps children with logical and sequential reasoning. A skill that is never too early to start working on.

simple origami for kids instructions

This ancient art form sneakily advances students in a range of skills. Simply put, origami is a geometry that comes to life. For a student to see the shape of their work come to life, it automatically aids them. Even for me as an adult working with origami or putting together puzzles uses a part of my brain that doesn’t often get touched. If you really want to get into the educational aspect of it with your child you can try labeling the different geometric shapes as you go and have them point out and label the terms themselves.

You can

  • Count the number of points in a shape,
  • Describe the shape,
  • Ask your child how many times you can fold inside this shape.

Fractions and math skills are a huge part of origami! Fractions can be very daunting and overwhelming for young students, origami gives a more tactile, hands-on approach to understanding the concepts. For example, just understanding the concept of infinity can be seen as you fold your origami to half and half again and so on.

An interesting but yet challenging exercise for your child could be to make a geometric shape. Ask them to come up with their own folding plan to achieve the same shape. This exercise is not for the faint of heart but is always great for kids to become familiar with trial and error. In time this will inevitably help their problem-solving skills.

Is origami easy for kids?

origami for kids easy

You might ask yourself while trying it as an adult for the first time. Origami instructions for kids are just as much for adults as they are for children! Even for an adult, it can be challenging and gratifying.

Try various approaches to origami with your child, create a teaching plan, and dive in! As an aspect of physics, it’s interesting for a child to understand that originally the paper is thin, but as he/she continues to fold, it becomes stronger and stronger. You can use the example of cardboard to explain this physics. Show your child the side of a piece of cardboard and they will notice the layers. All in all, there are so many examples and uses for the concepts of origami in our world.

The ideas that go into building bridges, or understanding the most efficient way to fold an airbag. Sharing an experience of origami together with your child will be extremely beneficial! Ask your child to look around the world next time you’re on a hike, and see how many examples of geometric forms they can find. The repetitive folds of flowers, beetles, snowflakes, or butterflies. The examples in nature are truly endless. To this day scientists are continually amazed by the correlations of geometric origami to nature.

Origami for kids is easy as long as you prepare in advance a plan, so they don’t get frustrated when they fail. Certain projects more than others require you to be exact on your folds. Search for easy origami for kids step by step to find the best results! I found simplified versions of origami tasks. For example, fewer layers of folds, although thinner, the same outcome as origami. With these simplified down origami projects, I recommend finishing off with a pen, to illustrate eyes or ears, etc. Easy origami instructions for kids can be found in many places on the internet.

Some examples of origami to make with your kids are

simple origami for kids
  • Bunny
  • Boat
  • Fish
  • Dog
  • Frog
  • Tulip
  • Fox
  • Cat
  • Swan
  • Bear
  • Heart
  • Bird

When it comes to educational games and activities at home, origami in my eyes is ranked high! Origami aids your child in thinking from different perspectives, and appreciate this interconnected world we have! Getting them involved creatively has never had so many benefits!

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