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Easy Peasy Craft: Keep Your Kiddos Entertained in the Tub with Kids Bath Paint

Next time you are trying to get your children clean and ready for bed. Why not make an evening activity out of it with the bathtub paint for kids. When I make these paints, I make a big batch and then keep the rest in Tupperware containers. I get it that sometimes, you just want to bathe your kiddos and get them to bed.

Sometimes I make the bathtime into an activity, and the kids just love it! You can use most types of liquid soap for these crafts, but I truly recommend you to use something more kid-safe. They will be playing in it for a while, so I just use something like body wash or baby shampoo. There is something about making a mess, that kids just love. This is the best of both worlds, they can smear paint all over the tub and you can just hose it down easy peasy after they’re done! Let your kiddos go wild.

children's bath paint
  • Start with a big mixing bowl, to avoid making a mess. Combine liquid soap (you can use liquid dish soap if you don’t have any other) with the cornstarch. We typically use a 2:1 ratio, for example, you can use ½ cup of liquid soap to ¼ cup cornstarch. I suggest mixing it up first without the food colouring, then separate to your containers. You don’t have to be totally exact about it, if you feel confident to eyeball it, go for it!
  • Now portion out your mixture, and add your desired colours. You can use an ice cube tray or separate Tupperware if you have enough. I recommend using liquid food colouring. Mix around your colouring with a toothpick or small spoon. Just be careful not to mix your colours.
  • At this point, your cornstarch may still have a few chunks. You can just poke them out with a toothpick, or stir again. I will just say it again because I feel it’s important. Make sure whatever soap you choose your kid’s skin won’t react. Select something their skin is used to. You’re ready to go! Start finger painting your bathtub!

Here are some amazing benefits from getting creative with paint

  • learning how colours look and work
  • sensory integration
  • the idea of the process
  • creativity and imagination
  • expression of feelings without words

If you don’t have a bathtub, really you need not worry. You can make shower paint for kids with no problem. As long as the surrounding walls of your shower are waterproofed, you’re good to go! This great craft for kids will keep them entertained in the tub for hours. Show them how pruned their fingers are after. I’m sure they will get a kick out of it! Set aside twenty minutes today to make this bathtub paint for your kiddos!

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