Easy Ukulele Songs For Kids: Basic Chords, Tips For Playing And Easy Songs On Ukulele For Beginners

Children are always very curious and want to be able to do everything themselves. Musical instruments always attract their attention, because they make beautiful sounds. Especially, ukulele especially attracts the attention of children. Even a child can learn to play them. As a rule, the easiest ukulele songs for kids often consist of three chords, and sometimes less. If you have never played a musical instrument before, it will be easy to master this small guitar (it does not require knowledge of musical theory). The ukulele is a great tool to please a child. Let your child learn some of the easiest ukulele songs, and then he will definitely be happy.

How Easy Is It To Learn To Play The Ukulele?

easy ukulele songs for kids

The ukulele is a solid advantage. It is light, does not connect to the network: it can fit in a hiking backpack, it will cheer you up at a party. Adults and children love miniature guitars. At the same time, learning to play the ukulele is not difficult at all.

Proceed Step-by-step:

  • Choose the appropriate tool;
  • learn how to configure it;
  • master the basic chords;
  • Practice your game styles.

As in the case of a regular guitar, two types of chords can be played on a ukulele: minor and major. In the notation of the key, the letter “m” is a minor. Therefore, “C “is a major chord, “Cm” is a minor chord.

Basic Chords On the Ukulele:

  • C-clamp the fourth string (ring finger);
  • B-clamp the first string (second fret) with the middle finger, and the second on the 2nd-with the ring finger, the third on the 2nd-with the little finger;
  • F – the 2nd string on the first fret is clamped with the index finger, the first one on it is also clamped with the ring finger;
  • E – the fourth string on the 1st fret is clamped with the index finger, the first on the 2nd-with the middle, the third on the 4th-with the little finger;
  • A – the third string on the 1st fret is clamped with the index finger, the first on the second-with the middle;
  • G – the third string on the second fret is clamped by the index, the fourth on the 2nd-by the middle, 2 on the 3rd – by the ring;
  • B-the index finger clamps the 4th and 3rd string on the second fret, the middle finger-the second on the third, the ring finger-the 1st on the fourth fret. Choose the appropriate tool;

Tip: before you learn to play specific chords, learn to pinch the strings with your fingers, get used to the instrument. Take at least 1-2 days to get used to it.

How to hold a ukulele in your hands: support the neck with your left hand, pressing it between your thumb and the other four fingers. Pay due attention to the posture: the guitar should be pressed with the forearm, and its body should rest against the bend of the elbow. It is very easy to check whether the tool is located correctly. Remove your left hand. If the ukulele remains fixed and does not move, you have done everything correctly. Now you know the basics of playing the ukulele, now let us move on to simple children’s songs to learn.

Tips For Beginners

easiest ukulele song

Before you learn to play the ukulele yourself from scratch, you need to pay attention to the landing, especially the posture. A straight back, the correct position of the instrument, the setting of the hands are the necessary conditions for the game to cause positive emotions and give results. In addition, this plays an important role in maintaining the motivation of a novice musician.

It is good to use a self-help guide for playing the ukulele, including video tutorials. Here they teach how to choose the right instrument, demonstrate the technique of playing, and offer tabs and chords.

It is important to choose the right tool. Most often, a soprano is chosen as a ukulele for beginners – this is also called a children’s guitar. It is small, light, and easy to transport. It is necessary to choose an instrument on which the strings are clamped without difficulty and give a beautiful sound.

Very Easy Ukulele Songs

very easy ukulele songs

«Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star»

First, you should learn these easy songs for the ukulele, the chords are simple, and the song is melodic and beautiful. Its text goes back to the poem “The Star”, written in the early XIX century by the English poet Jane Taylor. The poem consists of couplets. Your child will be delighted with this song. A few minutes to parse the chords and you can play.

«Mary Had a Little Lamb»

Another one of the very easy ukulele songs. It consists of only two chords: «C» and «G7», which alternate with each other. Therefore, it is very easy to play even for a beginner. The words are simple, and the melody is very beautiful. American writer Sarah Joseph Hale bases the song on a poem for children. Children always like such beautiful melodies, so the child will be happy and improve their skills.

Ukulele Music For Beginners

easy songs for the ukulele

«Three Blind Mice»

This verse for children about three blind mice can be sung to the ukulele. There are only three chords in such beginner songs on the ukulele. To play it, you only need a few minutes to study, because the chords are also very simple. Children are delighted with this song, because it is ringing, and the words are funny.

«The Alphabet Song»

All children know about this song for sure. After all, it is with her that you can not only have fun but also learn the alphabet. The melody is easy and catchy, and the words are simple and folding. As in the previous song, there are only three simple chords in it. However, there is a small difficulty. You should be able to change chords quickly. It may take a little more time to learn, but the song itself is very light.

«Hey Diddle Diddle»

This is another one of the easy songs on the ukulele for beginners, which your child will definitely like. The text itself is very funny and simple. The song plays three chords, which is very easy for a beginner to remember, so take a ukulele and play it soon!

Ukulele Children’s Songs

beginner songs on the ukulele

«Row Row Row Your Boat »

This song is one of the best ukulele starter songs. You can come up with an interesting game for this song, for example, some movement will denote every word in this song. For example, you can rock back and forth, holding each other’s hands, as if you are rowing. In addition, in the end, you can scream, squeak or growl. Children will definitely like this song and game.

«Baa Baa Black Sheep»

These ukulele songs for children are great for beginner guitar players. The song has three simple chords that everyone can master. A ringing and cheerful song will appeal to any child, as well as a beginner.

We believe that with the help of a ukulele, you can not only have a great time but also remember children’s songs that always cheer you up. Gather your friends, sing and play together, come up with interesting games for songs and have fun. After all, ukulele songs for children are a good start to the day and a great mood.

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