Ever Want to Paint With Your Kids but Hate the Cleanup? No Mess Finger Painting

finger paint in a bag

With just a few easy steps of preparation, you can make your creative excursions clean-up-free! How is that for magic! How many of you would love to do creative things more often, but just don’t have either the time patience to clean up after your mess. I know I am one of these people for sure. Try some of these great methods with your kiddos when you get the chance! Nothing like setting aside time for you and your children to do something creative together. I cannot talk about it enough, about how beneficial it is for children to explore their creativity, and get to know their inner artisan. They learn that failure is part and parcel of success and they don’t feel fear in taking risks! So without further ado go and get crafty today.

Idea #1

Ziplock bag finger painting! Try this one as it is quick and easy, for sure you will have these items at home. If you don’t you won’t need to reach that far to get what you need!

What you will need

  • Ziplock bag
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Tape

How to make your next little masterpiece

ziplock bag finger painting
  1. Start by prepping your materials, and choosing your colors of paint. Make sure you think that these colors will also smear and mix inside the ziplock bag
  2. Take your blank piece of white paper
  3. Place different colored blobs of paint onto it in a spread-out formation
  4. Carefully place inside your ziplock back
  5. Seal up your bag nice and tight
  6. Now let your little one have a go at it! They can finger paint until their masterpiece is complete!
  7. After your kiddo has decided they have finished, carefully remove the piece of paper from the ziplock bag, you can then place it to dry on some scrap paper or newspaper if you like
  8. Just through away the back, and that’s your fastest clean up ever!
  9. Bonus: for add ease to your kiddos painting experience, you can tape down the bag so that it doesn’t slide around as they finger paint

There you have it -finger paint in a bag!

Here are some helpful tips if you need them

  • Make sure that you have pressed out all the air bubbles from your ziplock back before you begin painting.
  • Best to do this project taped down to a table, and even though your paint is in a bag, I still recommend coving your space with either an old sheet or recycled newspaper. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Another fun activity to do with paint that doesn’t require much huff and fuss! Sponge painting! Go grab one of your old kitchen sponges that have expired and are stinky. Similar to the bag painting, blop your paint onto your sponge in different areas. Now use your sponge as you would a paintbrush and begin printing your paints onto paper.

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