Eyeshield 21: Full Review of the Eyeshield 21 Anime and Its Characters

Eyeshield 21

Sports anime are not so rare on Japanese screens anymore. And there are no kinds of sport animators haven’t touched on. Soccer, basketball, boxing, baseball, tennis, and even go! But who would have thought, that Murata Yusuke would take up drawing a manga Eyeshield 21 about American soccer? What is wrong with it, you ask? This sport, for the most part, is only developed in the West (mostly the United States and Europe). Even despite the fact that the Japanese were the first world champions of the soccer sport, their attitude towards it is not very warm.

Nevertheless, the fact remains. The Eyeshield 21 manga is drawn, and an anime based on it is still being made. And as someone who is passionate about sports anime, we have immediately started watching it, and we are ready to share our opinion!

What Is Eyeshield 21 Anime?

What Is Eyeshield 21 Anime?

This manga is an amazing thing about American soccer, drawn by Eyeshield 21 artist, Yusuke Murata, and based on the story of Riichiro Inagaki. An animation film (premiered at Jump Festa) and an anime series of the same name were made based on this manga in 2004. The manga was published in Shōnen Jump magazine by Shueisha. Along with Bleach manga, Eyeshield 21 was the best shōnen manga of 2007 according to It is still published in the United States by Viz Media.

The anime series of the same name, made at NAS and Studio Gallop, aired on Japan’s TV Tokyo from April 2005 to March 2008. It ended with 145 episodes. The manga was finished on June 13, 2009. The last chapter was the 333rd chapter. It has a total of 37 Eyeshield 21 volumes.

Why Eyeshield 21 in Myanimelist?

Why Eyeshield 21 in Myanimelist?

In Eyeshield 21, Sena is the protagonist of the story, a kind of school prototype of Forrest Gump. Sena has never had any true friends, and he has always been the main object of ridicule. His only defender is Mamori Anezaki, a childhood friend who took care of him all her life. After he enrolls in high school, Mamori in Eyeshield 21 convinces Sena to join a club so that he can make friends. However, instead, fate confronts Sena with three school bullies. For no particular reason, they decide to deal with him and take him to a small building, which, by coincidence, turns out to be the “corner” of an American soccer club with only two members.

Sena is rescued by one of the club’s members, the good-natured Kurita, who mistakes all four of them for new recruits. On reflection, Sena decides to stay in that club, but as a secretary. That is just the beginning of the Yusuke Murata Eyeshield 21 story.

Unfortunately, the restless trio decides to see this through to the end that very day. On their way home, they intercept Sena and try to beat him up again. This is when he discovers he has the talent to run incredibly fast, and not just run, but also to calculate his way around objects in his path. This is when Sena is spotted by Hiruma from Eyeshield 21, the head of the school’s American soccer club. He, naturally, is against the newcomer’s secretary position of Sena and drives the guy to the field, having previously put on a helmet with a green visor.

Thus, Sena fulfills the role of two people at once: the weak and, almost worthless, secretary and the key player of “Eyeshield 21” with diabolical speed. He is literally forced to hide his face, as he becomes a secret weapon, and Mamori has nothing to worry about. That was a short Eyeshield 21 episode guide, sorry for the spoilers.

This is how abruptly and quickly the plot of the Eyeshield 21 on Mangahere begins to develop. No sooner does Sena in Eyeshield 21 enter high school than he immediately runs into local hooligans, joins a club, and plays in competitions, not really knowing the rules or any tricks. And in the process of playing, he has to constantly learn and develop.

However, thanks to the elaboration of the plot, this rapid development does not hinder, and, on the contrary, supports the overall rhythm, set, primarily, by the running of the main character. As we noticed, the music chosen by anime creators perfectly fits the plot. On the one hand, it perfectly emphasizes the speed and crazy dynamics, on the other hand, the drama of the situation and the general mood of the team’s characters. The openings and endings, to the greatest regret, are much less successful. And it’s not even the point of the music, which can be called neither unsuccessful nor excellent, but in the visuals. Starting from the Eyeshield 21 episode 1 both the opening and the endings reveal individual details of the plot of future episodes, and, at times, not the closest ones. So, if you do not want to know the plot beforehand, it is better to skip them.

There are a lot of different, exaggerated elements in the anime. In addition to the crazy, inhuman speed, these include incredible strength, allowing individuals, without much difficulty, to repeatedly lift a barbell weighing 400lbs, unnaturally high jumps, and abnormal, for the average high school student, dimensions. This is where you really cannot see the limit of human capabilities. In addition, jokes and humor, which play almost the most important role in the series, are greatly exaggerated. This can be very funny at times, but can soon become very boring. However, humor in its pure form does not last long — it increasingly begins to intertwine with more serious elements and, in the end, simply becomes habitual and no longer a major component of the series.

The lion’s share of all jokes belongs in Eyeshield 21 to Hiruma. He is the main and inexhaustible source of funny situations. The Eyeshield 21 dub-specialist who voices Hiruma also contributed quite a bit to this character. His voice is unmistakable from dozens of other characters. He also emphasizes Hiruma’s character, his whole essence, and blends perfectly with the appearance of this brightest character. Do not be afraid, as in the Eyeshield 21 English dub, the voice is also good. Most of the remaining characters, though not as colorful as Hiruma, are also memorable personalities. And not only by their skills and techniques on the field, but also by their size, body shape, habits, and manner of speaking. This applies to almost everyone.

Other Main Eyeshield 21 Characters

Other Main Eyeshield 21 Characters
  • Eyeshield 21 Gao Rikiya — the strongest college soccer lineman in Japan. He is part of the Eyeshield team. 
  •  Eyeshield 21 Kurita Ryokan —lineman, one of the three original players on the team. He is a cheerful and good-natured person, physically very strong. Very concerned about the team and genuinely enjoys any new player in the lineup. Often nervous and anxious.
  • Patrick Spencer, mostly known as Eyeshield 21 panther. 
  • Eyeshield 21 Suzuna Taki—​​a girl reporter with blue hair, who always moves around in roller skates. Suzuna in Eyeshield 21 anime appears in the episode when Sena and his team are in the USA. 
  • Reiji Maruko, or how they call him in Eyeshield 21—Marco. He is the captain of Hakushu Dinosaurs. Strong and clever guy. 
  • Eyeshield 21 Riku Kaitani is the wide receiver of the Seibu Wild Gunmen team. 
  • Shin in Eyeshield 21 is a midfielder for the Ojo White Knights club. The only reason Eyeshield 21 Shin joins the soccer club is to accompany Eyeshield 21 Sakuraba Haruto. 
  • Musashi in Eyeshield 21 is the former kicker. To know what has happened to him, you better watch the anime!

How about the Eyeshield 21 Kissmanga Graphics?

There are no particular complaints about the graphics in the Eyeshield 21 TV tropes. Immediately strikes the eye very smooth and pleasant drawing. Colors are mostly bright, and sometimes there are some rather contrasting shades, but they do not spoil the overall picture. The backgrounds are very convincing and conveying all the difficult situations. Very nice in these backgrounds are the comparisons of the players to various animals and objects, which is also not uncommon in anime. A special element — Versus screens in the confrontation of teams or individual players. Made bright, funny, and beautiful.

Eyeshield 21 Manga Online Conclusion

It is impossible to assess the anime on the level of good-bad, no matter how you look at it. There are a lot of positives and negatives in it. And it’s impossible to say which ones are more exact. And there are a lot of controversial moments. So it’s up to you after watching or reading it!

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