Fun Fall Family Activities: 14 Best Fall Activity Ideas For Kids

introduce your kid to outdoor fall activities

Gone are the days when you had to worry about the heat and being in the sun too often. Go outside, feel the coolness and freshness of the air and introduce your kid to outdoor fall activities.

Fall Activities For Toddlers

Fall Activities For Toddlers

Weaving Wreaths of Leaves

Very young kids can simply collect and submit leaves, and an older child can take an active part in weaving.

Circle the Autumn Leaves

You can circle the leaves with chalk or even just with your finger on the sand or with felt-tip pens in your walking notebook.

Collect Materials for Crafts

Touch the withering grass, choose cones and moss, etc. This is all a great contribution to the enrichment of tactile sensations. Make beads from natural materials, thread on threads, blades of grass, or sticks that you can find.

Fall Activities For Families

Fall Activities For Families

Draw an Autumn Tree

For such a craft, we will need:

  • Cotton pads
  • Yellow and red paint

We will offer the child to draw an autumn tree. Mom draws a tree, and the child will draw leaves. We show how to dip a stick in paint and leave round traces on the branches of a tree. Our autumn landscape is ready!

A Tree Made of Cotton Pads

Another example of classes for children in the fall. This activity is for older children and is suitable for the patient, who is ready to wait until the leaves dry out.
We will need:

  • corrugated or plain brown cardboard or paper
  • cotton pads
  • diluted with water yellow and red paint
  • glue-pencil

The child together with his mother dips cotton pads in paint and leaves the discs to dry. Mom cuts out the trunk of a tree from paper or cardboard and sticks it on a sheet of paper together with the baby. Then we show the baby how to smear the area where our leaves will be with glue pencil. Together, we alternately stick cotton pads on this area!

Fall Activity Ideas

Fall Activity Ideas

Organize a Photo Hunt

Give your child a camera or take photos together. Think of what exactly you will be “hunting” for today. You can give tasks right during the walk, or you can designate everything in advance, for example, find pictures or draw something that can be photographed on a walk — a bump in your hands, a bench on which a piece of paper is stuck, etc.

Mathematical Games Using Autumn Natural Materials

These can be “tic-tac-toe” with cones and stones in the role of tic-tac-toe. You can write numbers in squares with chalk, and ask the child to put an appropriate number of leaves or chestnuts in each square. Compare natural materials by size, shape, shade, make them in sequence.

Autumn Creative Activities For Young Children

Autumn Creative Activities For Young Children

Making a Hedgehog

From Plasticine, it is necessary to make an oval. It is the body of our hedgehog. The eyes and nose can also be molded from Plasticine. The task of the baby is to stick needles or prey into the hedgehog. As needles, there can be pasta-spaghetti, broken into small sticks, seeds, twigs or matches. And as prey, you can stick anything you want – cones, mountain ash twigs, leaves, etc.
Turn on your imagination, your child will be delighted!

Fun Fall Family Activities

Fun Fall Family Activities

Organize a Family Party

For Halloween or another holiday, decorate the house, decide on costumes, cut out a pumpkin, prepare themed holiday treats and invite guests. Do not forget about fun entertainment and, of course, a photo session for memory.

Go for a Walk In the Forest

Go to the forest for a walk for mushrooms or just admire the beauty of nature. Do not forget to tell your child informative autumn stories about why some birds fly to the south, while others stay in winter in our region, why the leaves turn yellow and then fall off altogether.

Autumn Craft Activities (Early Years)

Autumn Craft Activities

Land Art

This is the creation of various compositions from natural materials right on the street. Create a butterfly with your child from autumn leaves or other animals.

The “Revival” of Nature

Another of the interesting autumn craft activities in the early years is the “revival” of nature. Try to revive a natural object, attach eyes to it or other elements that will help the child to see some kind of image in it. This is very useful for the development of the child’s imagination.

Fun Things to do on a Fall Day

Fun Things to do on a Fall Day

Long walks are useful for the development of endurance, for the general strengthening of the child’s body.

  • Outdoor games on the street. Take a ball with you, play catch-up, run a race.
  • Make mazes out of leaves or draw them with life-size chalk so that children can walk or run on them – this develops spatial coordination.

We believe that autumn classes with a child on a walk and at home can be no less exciting and developing than in a sunny summer or a snowy winter. Do not be discouraged, looking at the autumn rain for, use the ideas in this article in order to have a good and informative time with your kid.

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