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Family Handprints Ideas: Nothing Says Home Like a Handcrafted Keepsake

This at-home craft really resembles a sense of togetherness and another closing to the year. Nothing has said bonding more than the perpetual pandemic. Make the most of it and mark the end of the season with this priceless craft. Ideas for family handprint painting are all over the web. There are numerous ways to go about this craft, and just use up what you have around the house to do it!

Sorry for the heavily used Covid terminology, but this craft is like a time capsule of your family from this year. When will your kid’s hands be this small ever again? Never! I have to say, you and your family members have done it together, through thick and thin of this year, having each other’s back has been the best part. Something about the holiday season makes me reflect and see what I do have around me, instead of what I wish I had around me.

Take a moment of reflection for the end of 2020, to appreciate the loved ones you have around you. Enough said I think you get me! Family handprint crafts are the perfect way to have closure for this crazy year. You can even custom make your own design with whatever you have around the house. Use anything from paint to colorful paper or even just plain tracing.

family handprint crafts

If you need some family handprint canvas ideas, try imprinting all the members of your family’s hands. First, make sure you have cleared a large area in order not to make a mess. Lay down an old sheet or newspaper to protect the area. For the paint I like to use an old egg carton, then I can easily access all of the colors. Using a paintbrush paint the palm of your kid’s hand and then press into the canvas, like you would with a stamp. This is my favorite part as it tickles a little bit! Do the same for all your family members in whichever configuration you desire. If you so wish to, use a pen to label who is who in your painting.

How to use Your as Stencils

family handprints on canvas

For a more straightforward version of the same craft, use your hands as stencils. Choose a selection of colored paper. Next, place your child’s hand on the paper and trace the outline. Then cut out the outlining area. Repeat this step for each member of your family. From here place or stack as you see fit. You could either fan your hands out or stack them from largest to smallest. Of course, making sure that each hand is visible. Next, if you wish to add a title to the top of the page or label who’s hand is who’s. As a title to your craft, maybe write your family motto or an inspiring quote that you all share. Something to commend your hard efforts for 2020!

There are a multitude of ways to go about this meaningful craft, if your flow of creativity is dry, try the links below to help you along! Embrace your inner child and break open that crafts closet. I say use up those sequins and sparkles and go all out! Keep calm and craft on.

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