Family Tree Project for School: How to Make the Craft with Your Children

Often schoolchildren are asked creative homework to draw their family tree for school. Of course, you can’t do without the help of adults. Often all relatives are involved in the process, remembering their ancestors by joint efforts. Before drawing a family tree for a child to school, adults should understand in detail the links between generations.

Assigning a child to draw a school family tree with his own hands allows you to find out the roots of a kind. The current generation is not particularly interested in their ancestors, who, leaving this life, forever take with them valuable information for the whole kind.

To make a family tree school project, you will need a minimum of materials – felt-tip pens or pencils and, if possible, a photo. Most often, the family tree school supplemented with photographs is made for the children of elementary grades, but even high school students sometimes do such homework – the requirements are minimal, just remember the closest relatives of the images, which are likely to be found in albums or on digital media.

High school students also are allowed to dig deeper, as accurately as possible to present information on one of the school projects’ family tree, with dates of birth, death, and a brief description of the life path of their ancestors. Very few people have preserved old photographs.

Kids Family Tree Project: Why Learning Your Lineage Is Important?

family tree for school

Historically, most of our families have very little knowledge of the history of their kind. Yes, and today we are limited to communicating only with close relatives, so the child often grows up in a narrow family circle. But while he is small, this family is his whole world, which has a huge impact on the formation of his personality and worldview. By composing his first simple family tree, the child better understands what family and clan are.

Surprisingly, family history gives kids confidence. Therefore, during making a family tree for kids, you can tell your preschooler or a younger student interesting stories from the life of his parents, grandparents, great-grandmothers, and great-grandfathers.

But high school students can, together with their parents, engage in more serious research and collect information about their kind with the help of living relatives and archives. In this case, the most real genealogical tree of your family will be created.

Why is it so important to know how to make such family crafts for kids as a family tree of the family?

The answer is simple: for a long time, close blood ties meant not only belonging to the same dynasty but also served as a symbol of strong relationships, as well as indivisible traits inherent in each member of the community, representative of the surname.

Many character traits are formed from childhood and depend on the environment – the behests of our grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, and fathers. These include:

  • Habits.
  • The structure of thinking.
  • Behavior model.
  • Features of speech.

In each of our ancestors – often unrealized opportunities. They can manifest themselves in us – to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, it is important to know your surname’s history and cherish the memory of your roots. In some cases, family compilation. A family tree project for kids helps to reveal hidden characteristics that require development throughout a person’s life.

It is very important to know the history of your kind, your family. The wisdom has long been known: the one who does not know his history does not know himself. Many people, in our time, are engaged in the manufacture of family trees – a kind of pedigrees that help to better remember their ancestors, and the original family tree can be a good decoration. Today we are going to tell you about two family tree ideas for kids.

How to Make a Family Tree for School: Two Instructions on How to Make Such a Craft

Take a blank sheet of paper and start drawing. First, have a rough idea of ​​what your final tree will look like. Do everything with a simple pencil, weak strong roots. If you started to draw with a simple pencil and saw a mistake, then you can easily fix it, unlike a colored pencil.

  1. Find our place at one of the family tree projects for school. It is with your name that you need to start drawing up a tree. The names of your relatives and relatives will come from him. Therefore, on your behalf, separate enough space so that you can fit the names of all relatives.
  2. Next, you should write the names of your brothers, sisters. Place your parents’ names above your name. And the names of brothers and sisters are on the same level as your name.
  3. Next, make the names of your father’s and mother’s parents. We continue to compose the tree further in the same way until the information about the pedigree ends.
  4. When finished roughly building the tree. You can proceed to the design. Family tree school project ideas are presented in a huge number. Here you can show unlimited imagination and make your tree unique.

Here Is Another One of Family Tree Ideas for School Projects: How to Draw a Family Tree in Stages

family tree school project

Step 1

Draw with a simple pencil in the middle of the sheet the tree’s thick trunk of the tree and its general foliage shape. We make it as much as possible.

Step 2

Let’s draw the trunk in more detail, adding bends. A little higher we draw tree branches, which from time to time look out from behind the foliage. Add ovals and scatter them over the tree. Each oval is framed. Photos of relatives will be placed inside them.

Step 3

At the trunk of the tree, we draw an open papyrus, on which we write “Family” in large letters. The edges of the papyrus should roll inward. Add small papyri under each oval (the place where the photo will be). You can write names on them. Draw the edges of the foliage with a wavy line.

Step 4

Highlight the contours of the tree with a black handle.

Step 5

Draw the trunk and branches of the family tree of the family in light brown and dark brown. The foliage will be colored light green and green.

Step 6

With a simple pencil, add some shadow on the paper, starting from the outer edges to the middle.

Step 7

Your tree is ready! Choose one of these family tree designs for school projects now, draw and discover the story of a kind!

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