Famous Child Actors – Children Stars Then and Now

Now the virus heading “before” and “after” is in demand in any social network. And we believe that children and adults always will be interested in such a challenge. So if you watch a grown uncle and aunt and think that they have always been so beautiful and successful, then we hurry to tell you the good news. Since childhood, each of them dreamed of trying their hand at acting and playing a role.

And as you have already guessed in this article we will tell you about famous child actors. Their life stories, their first roles, and what they do now. Let’s go!

Most famous child actors

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus – what with famous child actor now

We start with Miley Ray Cyrus (real name Destiny Hope Cyrus). She got her name as a child because she smiled a lot (Smiley). As an actress, Miley made her debut at the age of 9 (Tim Burton’s film “Big Fish”). But she gained world fame under the name of Hannah Montana when she starred in the self-titled series. It is about a girl who was an ordinary teenager during the day and at night turned into a pop star Hannah Montana.

Child stars today. Now Miley is 27 years old and she is a successful singer, actress, benefactor, and activist. For a long time, Miley could not get rid of the image of a teenager Hannah Montana. In different ways (provocative and not very) she wanted to show the world that she had grown up and had a lot of talents.

Macaulay Culkin – the best child actors

Macaulay Culkin

It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t associate Christmas holidays with the film “Home alone” or a child who would not like to be in the place of a boy Kevin McCallister.

It is really one of the most lucrative, atmospheric, and interesting Christmas comedies that brought glory to a 10-year-old boy. As early as 4 years old Macaulay took part in children’s shows and is considered one of the most successful Hollywood children’s actors.

If you have never seen a child actor then and now after many years, you will hardly recognize that charismatic boy in the face of a 40-year-old rebel.

In his career as an actor have been many unpleasant moments, problems, ups and downs associated with drugs and other offenses – but this is his personal business. Now Macaulay is not at the peak of his popularity but he continues to star in feature films.

Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the most successful child actors

mary kate and ashley olsen

Two twin girls are known for their roles in “Full House”, “It Takes Two”, “Passport to Paris”, “Switching Goals”. They were filmed for 15 years (until 2004). Then two sisters decided to change the sphere of activity and to release a line of their clothes for teenagers. Movies with the two sisters are interesting, funny and kind and therefore like both adults and children.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have not been in the movies for a long time and lead non-public life. They are one of the trendsetters of many fashion trends – huge bags, dark and tight tights, drink coffee on the move (some are associated with bad habits). They had a similar situation as Miley Cyrus – sisters with age tried to get rid of the image of cute twins and wanted to look older than their years. They also have a younger sister (Elizabeth Olsen) who also starred in movies.

Daniel Radcliffe

It is difficult to imagine all parts of the Harry Potter movie with the participation of another actor. Daniel was so harmoniously suited to play the role of a little wizard boy. But from the very beginning parents of 10-year-old Dani were against his son’s acting career and it was difficult for the directors to persuade them to let him carry out his plan. The fact is that little Dani suffered from dyspraxia in childhood. People with this disease are clumsy, have trouble navigating, and get tired very easily. Parents were worried that Daniel couldn’t keep up with his peers and don’t study well. Daniel from the age of 5 had a great desire to be an actor and to perform on stage.

Many film critics prophesied the end of Daniel’s career after the last part about Harry Potter. But a year later, a film featuring Daniel Radcliffe’s “Woman in Black” was released and received a positive response from the army of British actor fans.

We can also mention some successful child actors who are known and continue to be in the movies – Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Kristen Dunst, Christian Bale, Elijah Wood, and Drew Barrymore.

All of them were once little dreamers who were not afraid of responsibility, hard work and became successful and recognizable personalities. If you have a dream – work hard to get it!

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