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What if my kid is being bullied?

First of all, let your child talk about the problem. And you must hear and react without judgment. You also should not make the assumptions that your child did something wrong to provoke the bullying. The main thing for you to understand is that your child doesn’t need you to take on the problem as your own. Instead, he needs to know that he is being heard and that his feelings are important. When you hear the whole story, depending on what happened, you can decide what to do next. For example, help your child to understand what the result might be of their words and actions. Try to explain that the bullying might increase if he replies to the offender the same. Make sure you’re not the one coming up with the solution. It’s really important that your child feels like he is solving the problem on his own.

How to make toys for kids?

Making toys by yourself involve items we wanted to throw away, so it is good not only for the environment but you also show kids how to be creative with what we have at home. Home-made toys also develop motor skills and imagination. One of the fastest and easiest ""science"" toys is an ocean inside a bottle. You will need only 3 ingredients. Prepare: water cooking oil blue food coloring clear plastic bottle for 2 liters funnel Firstly, pour in the bottle about 1/3 of the water. Secondly, add some drops of blue coloring. Then, ask your child to shake the bottle to mix the food coloring. Finally, pour oil into the bottle. Shake the bottle again and watch the ocean inside.

Where to buy cheap kid toys?

You can buy cheap toys for your children on E-bay, AliExpres Amazon websites. All of them feature thousands of products, beginning with nice dolls, games, and puzzles, ending with drones, and other toys for different ages. There are different departments. For example, the preschool section includes learning and educational toys that are useful for toddlers. And games together with puzzles store combines all the latest board and card games, puzzles and also classic games like Monopoly and Twister. For hobby lovers, there are various trains, vehicles, drones, etc. And if you’re looking for outside games and activities for the entire family, there you’ll find kids pools, play tents.

How to get your kid to get rid of toys?

You can do this in a playful way, for example by organizing a fake auction right in the room. Put all the toys which are no longer need and propose fake prices for them. The child can be the seller and you are the buyer. Another idea is to let the child decide for himself. For instance, it is very difficult to take care of such a large number of toys. Advise him to choose which toy he really wants to leave and which one to give, for example, to other children. Try to find places where you can donate all the chosen toys. This can be a fun process. Make sure you involve your child in it as much as possible. You should also reconsider and estimate the number of toys your kid receives. You may need to limit the number of birthday and holiday presents so you don't collect so many items at home.

Where to buy sid the science kid toys?

You can buy science toys for your children on E-bay, AliExpres Amazon websites. All of them feature thousands of products that are designed to introduce a child's knowledge of a particular subject he is interested in. There are a lot of various subjects, beginning with anatomy, biology, botany and ending with physics and robotics. These all also include lab equipment, child-safe chemicals, and many other materials to show some basic chemistry ideas. And the best way for children to learn is to share the experience with their parents and friends.

How do i get my kid to eat different foods?

Try to make this process funny. For example, serve vegetables with your child's favorite sauce. You can also form food into various shapes. Propose different brightly colored foods. You may ask your child to help. For instance, to choose fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. And then at home, encourage him to wash vegetables or set the table for the family. What's more, if you eat healthy foods, your child will follow your example. Try to minimize distractions by turning off the TV and other electronic devices while you eating together. This will help your child focus on food and nothing else.

Foods to eat when kid is constipated?

The first step you should take is to add fiber to your child's menu. These can be products, such as bread, porridges like oatmeal, pasta, beans or lentils, nuts like almonds or peanuts. Fiber is also contained in fruits, such as berries, peeled oranges, apples, and pears; in vegetables: carrots, green peas, broccoli, and kale. To fiber work better, ask your child to consume lots of water or other fluids. We advise you to ask your doctor how much fluids your child should drink per day because this may be affected by his height, overall health, activity level, and even climate in which you live. You should avoid such products as chips, fast food, and also already-prepared meals such as frozen ones and snacks. Try to change all family's menu so that your child doesn't feel offended and everyone faces the changes

How junk food affects children's health?

Regular eating of junk food causes health problems such as obesity, emotional problems, and chronic illness that may appear in the future. Products with low-quality carbohydrates progress the chance of heart strikes, strokes, and even death. Consuming unhealthy food several times a week leads to bad mathematic and reading abilities. Fast food does not provide enough nutrients for physical activity. And the lack of physical activity harms physical and mental conditions. Obesity can also lead to depression. And this affects growth and development. It also leads to a higher risk of suicide. Many drinks such as Cola often contain caffeine, which can delay the normal sleep-wake cycle

What to put in a children's party food box?

A party is always a good idea. And a party outside, enjoying the good weather, is even better. If you have chosen this format, then you need to think of what the children will eat in advance. And you don't need a lot of food for this cute picnic. Here are some ideas of what you can put inside your child's party food box: - a ham or sausage, jam, and cheese sandwiches (wrapped in sandwich bags); - small pack of crisps; - pack of fruits; - pot of jelly; - chocolate bar or cupcake; - little pack of raisin; - some sort of biscuit; - carton of drink. You can also serve cakes after the children finish eating the contents. In addition, you can offer some snacks for the mums. It can be a cup of tea or a soft drink together with a few biscuits or cakes

How to dye children's hair with food coloring?

First, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and dry it completely. For best results, use food coloring only to clean and dry hair. Then start working on the color. We advise you to make the tone darker than you want. Next, rinse the toothbrush in the color and apply it to the hair. Collect your hair and cover it. Let the paint dry for a few hours and then clean your hair for a while using plain water. If you leave the color for a shorter time, the result will be lighter. Expect the color to last for several weeks, this depends on how frequently you wash your hair. You don't need to do anything specific to get rid of the color, just wash the hair normally, and it will disappear on its own
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