Favorite Heroes from Cartoons

Cartoons are not only entertaining kids but also perfectly teach them how to be brave, smart, fearless, eager to learn as well. How exactly? Of course, to prepare children for real life, the best teachers are favorite good cartoon heroes. And what and from whom should you learn more specifically, if we are talking about watching cartoons?

We prepare a list with good examples of how to be brave, persistent, smart, and teach to accept yourself the way you are.

Most Brave Hero: Moana

cartoon heroes

Alone with a silly rooster away from her native island towards complete uncertainty and constant mortal danger. Moana argued with a demigod, was not afraid of coconut pirates, a giant crab, and a jump into the abyss with monsters. And all this is the work of a young brave girl who lived her life on a comfortable small island, not knowing any troubles and hard tasks. She has the right to have the title “Braveheart”.

Persistent Hero: Scrat

the scrat

This harmful saber-toothed squirrel is so persistent with his little precious. He will get his trophy no matter what, despite earthquakes, ice age, or warm globing, or maybe even if aliens come it still would fight for his nut. When your child is too lazy to do something, show him this incomparable animal, that nothing is on his way to achieving his goal. Just try harder like a little saber-toothed squirrel from “Ice Age” and nothing will be impossible.

Most Purposeful Hero: Feliz

hero cartoon

She made her way from the homeless shelter to high-level ballet. And even if her story is not about rescuing the world or saving someone from an evil hero, she is on this list, because her character is close to reality. Such stories we even have in real life. Everything is in your hands; the main thing is the huge striving to the goal and having that shining sparkling eyes!

Hero Who Proved the Benefits of Love of Books: Dipper

buff cartoon characters

It’s so important these days to bring children back to reading, and here Dipper Pines is a great example. Reading is in fashion! Knowing a lot and being able to use your intellect is even more in fashion! Long live the smart heroes who walk hugging books! Especially as mysterious and informative as the famous Diary No. 3.

A hero who is ready for anything for a friend: Timon and Pumbaa

These two who are always together Timon and Pumbaa constantly take risks for each other, teasing, joking, supporting, and inspiring. Such great quality of friendship needs to be learned, and these guys from The Lion King are great teachers.

The Hero Who Accepted His Nature: Elsa

elza cartoon

Her color of the skin, growth, body type, usually such appearance belongs to the number of dangerous wizards or superheroes. All these features of the personality cannot be separated, hidden, and rarely changed. To accept yourself as you are, you need a lot of courage, the ability to ignore other people’s opinions, dedication. Elsa, the ice queen, accepted her deadly magic, contrary to the orders of the frightened others. Accept and love yourself as you are.

These heroes are incredibly kind and positive characters by their nature. You can teach them how to be brave, how to conquer the evil and bad guys, and the main thing that The Good always, always beat The Evil.

Find a free time and just re-watch these cartoons, who knows maybe you will discover something new.

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