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Five Best Comic Book Stories

Comic books for kids are not vulgar stories about superheroes with hypertrophied muscles and defiant body forms. The world of drawing stories is no different from cartoons or children’s fairy tales. These are all the same good stories that will be interesting for the whole family.

One of the main advantages of comics for kids is their involvement in reading. Since smartphones have turned entertainment into watching short videos, parents need to make an extra effort to diversify the leisure time of their children.

So we have collected the best comics for kids for you to spend a few evenings with the family reading or so that your child can explore new worlds on their own.

Hilda and the Troll by Luke Pearson

best comic book stories

The author has long created funny comics for kids. The main character here is a Scandinavian girl. So Scandinavian, that her hair is even a little bit blue. She lives with her mother and a strange and cute animal Twig, like a fox with horns.

They live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. And, as it should be in Scandinavia, any backwoods here are populated by fairy creatures that do not confuse anyone. Nearby is the town of Trolberg, where the protagonists and her friends usually find adventure.

A separate storyline in the world of Hilda is the Wooden Man. Complex and multifaceted personality. Sometimes he just comes to an open door and lies on the floor, although he has his own house. I am sure that the hero is extremely metaphorical, but I do not take it for sure. It is possible that the author himself does not know who he identifies the woodman with, but I like his humor.

The illustrations are cozy, fabulous, original, with a raft of folklore and magic. The story is childish, without a raid of hormonal superhero books for kids.

And by the way, this story is already filmed. So it’s very cool to read the children’s comic book first, and then find several differences in the show.

Cici’s Journal by Joris Chamblain and Aurélie Neyret

funny comics for kids

A series of girls’ comic books about a girl named Cici. There are already five books in the series, and we took the very first one to try it out. And now, definitely, we will buy other books.

It is one of the best children’s comics. A ten-year-old girl named Cici dreams of becoming a writer. Cici, like all ten-year-old girls, loves secrets, so she is very observant and notes a lot of different details. Sometimes these details seem suspicious to her, and then she starts to investigate like a real detective. And as a result of these investigations, the story recorded in the diary appears.

All stories about Cici are kind and cozy. Perhaps this is another example of good comics for kids. The book is designed as if it were a real diary with handwritten text, notes, and photos, very high quality and large. Thanks to all this, this story tops comic book ratings.

Gravity Falls from Disney

best superhero graphic novels

It is a children’s comics for those who are older or for those who have grown up too quickly. Humor is a teenager there, and reading is more interesting after watching the cartoon when you understand the dynamics of events. But we are addicted to the cartoon by the whole editorial board.

Perhaps some jokes and plot twists will be incomprehensible to young children, but their parents will stay delighted. Sometimes heroes get into relatively adult situations, so the interpretation of their actions requires a minimum of life experience.

As usual, this is a series of comics for children. You can find several books and a bunch of other little things like stickers, albums, sketchbooks – in general, all the fan attributes. Disney knows a lot about the commercialization of heroes.

As usual, this is a series of comics for kids. You can find several books and a bunch of other little things like stickers, albums, sketchbooks – in general, all the fan attributes. Disney knows a lot about the commercialization of heroes.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson

comic book ratings

‘Phoebe and her unicorn’ is thick colorful funny comics about the school, or rather about a girl who is in fourth grade, and her friend unicorn, a little arrogant and narcissistic.

There is very little text, and many adults note the original kind of humor. But surprisingly, it works perfectly as a tool to involve children in the process of reading. You will not hear the children for a few days until they read it. Here you will not find dramas from the best superhero graphic novels, but every child will find familiar situations from everyday life.

Girls will like it better, of course. And at the end of the book fun girls’ tasks about unicorns.

Émile et Margot by Anne Didier, Olivier Muller

best comics for kids

This series of comics is a definite recommendation! Very funny and very exciting, the recipe of the comic book is made on excellent: the main characters are children: the prince and princess, bored in the castle. Their governess Madame Discipline teaches them manners and gives them boring tasks.

But how great is it when there are friendly monsters around, ready to have unforgettable fun! Hunting nightmares, a tour of the mirror frame, a forest school with lessons in bad manners, and many other things that are so enjoyable for children. At this time, Madame Discipline creates problems for young adventurers because all children know that all troubles come from adults.

And most importantly – this comic book children will want to read for themselves and many, many times. Do not judge a book by its cover – it is a hundred times better inside. By the way, the book is on very good paper, but the format is tiny. On the one hand, it is convenient to take with you, but on the other – it is harder to watch. And yet, we highly recommend it.

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