Free Activities for Kids: Give Yourself a Financial Break and have Fun for Free

free activities for kids

Here are some great ideas of how to spend loads of quality time with your kiddos without breaking the bank! These ideas are becoming more and more popular as the pandemic continues. Make spending time with your kids less about money and more about quality time. Some of the activities we will talk about here will require some money, ie food and household items.

We intend that you can do these tasks with whatever you have on hand. These activities can strengthen the bond you have with your children without the pressure of spending more money! I know how I am with money when it comes to my kids, I truly want to make their dreams come true, but sometimes the bank just won’t allow it. Try some free easy games for kids today!

There are loads of free things for kids to do! Let’s start with ones you can do outside! Remember to use what you have on hand instead of going out to buy new craft materials!

free activities for children
  • Make or construct something out of recycled goods or garbage.
  • Take a mason jar, and collect fireflies at night time.
  • Make a small tree fort with scrap wood, even a small place to perch.
  • Climb trees, of course with parental guidance.
  • Collect leaves in fall, dry them indoors and make art with them. Try to trace them, or make rubbed drawings with them. You can use crayons, charcoal or a pencil. Try to name each species of tree from the leaves you collect.
  • Take your chalk outside to the sidewalk, go nuts and then let the rain wash it away.
  • Listen to the birds and try to identify each one or just bird watch.
  • Play pass with a soccer ball, or catch with a baseball.
  • Sacrifice a blanket from the house and have a lovely picnic outside.
  • If you have leftover balloons from a Birthday Party, have a water balloon fight! Try to convince the neighbors to join in and battle it out on the street.
  • If you or your neighbors have a trampoline, just jump together.
  • Practice a favorite sport.
  • Go to any scenery and play I spy.
  • Play charades.
  • Try to grow a new plant from something you ate, like an avocado, apple, watermelon, sweet potato.
  • Go for a bike ride while it isn’t raining.
  • Draw a portrait of your friend without looking and have them do the same for you. You can also try drawing objects without lifting the pencil off the paper as an experiment.
  • Sandbox activities are great if you have your own, the local park, or make kinetic sand! Kinetic sand is super easy and you can reuse it for endless fun at home.
free activities for toddlers
  • Go down to your local park and swing on swings, don’t we all have endless childhood memories of swinging for hours!
  • Set up a nighttime picnic, take some lights with you, and just enjoy the starry night sky.
  • Take sleeping bags out to the porch and sleep outside for the night for fun!
  • Set up your tent in the backyard, switch up your routine for some added fun.
  • Wash your car at home on a sunny day! Put on your bathing suits and get ready for a water fight, you’ll be surprised how fast the car will get cleaned.
  • Wait until your sprinklers turn on, or the sprinklers at your local high school, and run through them! Get ready to get wet and have a lot of laughs.
  • Go for a hike, pack plenty of snacks and water and take a nature walk. Plan ahead of time so you have enough daylight to get back before dark.
  • Visit your local SPCA and pet cats, or volunteer for that matter. Give love to orphaned animals in need. There are loads of fun free activities for kids to do, read on for some more ideas!

If you have exhausted your outdoor options, here are some free indoor activities for kids. No matter your budget you will find something in this list that works for you and your family. There are free kid things to do everywhere you look!

free easy games for kids
  • Bake something with what you have in the pantry.
  • Make something out of play-doh, if you don’t have play-doh you can mix up a batch.
  • Conjure up some science experiments, mix together baking soda and vinegar and watch your kid’s eyes in amazement.
  • Construct a lego village.
  • Make “Me” boxes for your kids, have them collect their most valued and favorite items to store in a “Me” box, go ahead and decorate the box as well.

Free fun things for kids can be as easy as tearing apart an old magazine and refurbishing it into something new. Look beyond what your family patterns usually are and try something new.

Here are some free fun family activities

free things for kids to do
  • Take the challenge together of completing a puzzle.
  • Draw portraits of each other, and giggle at the results.
  • Play Pictionary or act out a scene from a movie.
  • Mix up some organic homemade face masks from oatmeal or avocado.
  • Have a doll-sized tea party, get into and sit at the kid-sized table for fun.
  • Make backward dinner, have dessert, and then dinner. You could even do breakfast for dinner for fun.
  • Make a scrapbook with your family pictures.
  • Take time to look through old baby pictures, of your kiddos and also show them pictures of yourself as a child!
  • Make a fort in your living room, out of chairs and blankets, read your kids their bedtime stories in there, or bake cookies and have a picnic inside your fortress!
  • Style your child’s hair, and then let them style your hair after.
  • Play dress up like it’s Halloween even when it’s not.

There is a ton of activities for kids to do at home for free! Open your mind to your options and have fun! We hope our list of ideas has helped you spend more quality time with your kiddos!

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