Fun Wintery Activities For the Next Lockdown: Marshmallow Snowmen Crafts

Make a snowman out of marshmallows for your next class party! It’s a great option as you can buy marshmallows in sealed packages, which means you don’t need to worry about an allergy or something. You can rest assured that what you see on the label is what you get.

I have to say when the kids and I tried this craft, I was genuinely satisfied at how much time it consumed. These days in the pandemic it can feel as if time is almost moving backward. Pardon my poor humor but I have had to get crafty with coming up with more craft ideas! Corona times have made me contemplate a lot about how I spend my time, as time as a concept has completely changed for me.

In the beginning, as we all did, we watched a lot of television. Almost like hibernating bears waiting for the pandemic to be over. Then it became our new normal, so I’ve tried many different things to keep my kiddos occupied. I have to say more and more the time I get to spend with them is amazing, now that I work from home I have much more time with them. Of course, managing the hours in the house together can be hectic, I have thoroughly enjoyed our crafty bonding time together.

Try some wintery crafts today with your kids! Get messy and let out your inner child!

making marshmallow snowmen

Supplies you need in order to make a snowman out of marshmallows, (Keep in mind this is to make one snowman).

  • Two or three marshmallows for your snowman body
  • A graham cracker for your base
  • Mini chocolate chips (or whichever you have around)
  • Candy corn (something orange and edible will also suffice)
  • Icing (for your glue between layers)
  • Pretzels (as your twiggy arms)
  • Toothpicks and paper plates (optional for easy clean up)

Steps to build a snowman with marshmallows

  1. Start by spreading icing on your graham cracker
  2. Use your graham cracker as a base, and place one marshmallow on top
  3. Apply another layer of icing to the top of that marshmallow
  4. Place another marshmallow on top of the second, and repeat for a third level if desired
  5. Using your toothpick, poke a hole where your nose will go, and stick your candy corn there
  6. Once again using your toothpick, poke two holes in the place of eyes, now push your chocolate chips into place firmly (pointy end goes in first)
  7. For your torso, repeat this method with the toothpick for your buttons
  8. Stick your pieces of pretzel into the place of arms
  9. Wait until your icing has dried and serve!

Making marshmallow snowmen is an excellent way to spend a rainy or snowy day at home. This is a perfect table craft that suits a variety of ages. If your family is hosting a whole gaggle of kids, this could be a great option. It’s creative as well as tasty and sweet. There are plenty of inspiring options to explore on Pinterest if you’re curious. Where you can find all kinds of snowmen dressed up into different characters!

Reasons to get crafty today:

easy marshmallow snowman
  • Getting creative encourages children to play and explore in a safe environment
  • Learning elements of play will help them take risks and explore further
  • Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and building/crafting aid in improving dexterity
  • General identification, identifying colors, shapes, textures, sensations
  • Social skills and sharing; working together with either their peers or siblings

No matter the activity, you will probably end of with cleanup. Arts and crafts tend to be extra messy with kids. Remember the benefits for their little minds, I hope this will keep you motivated, as you scrub cemented icing off the dinner table. Try this edible marshmallow snowmen craft today!

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