Games to Play With a Ball Inside: Tucker out Your Kiddo with These Easy Games

inside ball games

Nothing like days on days in the house to force you to get a little creative with what you’re doing at home. If the weather isn’t good, these games to play with balls indoors are just the thing! A creative twist on an old favorite is sure to tucker out your little one. Of course, all activities will make a mess, but this is why I love playing with balls because they are so easy to just throw back into the bin! Arts and crafts are great, but it’s a lot of clean-up for mom or dad after!

Try out some of these fun inside ball games today

  • Try playing throw and catch! Use a cardboard box or a milk jug. Cut the bottom off of a milk jug and if the edges are sharp, you can cover with tape! Place the box or jug far away from you and try to score from there.
  • “Faux hockey” start by placing two cardboard boxes on the ground facing each other. For your hockey stick either use a fly swatter or a long cardboard tube of some kind. Make sure your balls are soft and squishy so they don’t damage your floors or walls for that matter!
  • This one requires two players and is kind of like playing catch. One player has a laundry basket and the other has the balls. Careful from your hung up paintings on the walls! One player will throw the ball and the other needs to run and catch the ball inside his laundry basket. If he catches it is a point for him, and if he doesn’t it’s a point for the other.
  • Play with pouring the balls, this one is great for your little ones. You can either load up a milk jug and pour from there, or if you have a big PVC pipe, you can roll them through there! If you want to make this one two-player have one person at the top of your pipe and one at the other end, you can roll the ball and have the other one catch it. Play with different angles of the PVC pipe and let your little one get a kick out of how fast it will be the steeper you hold the pipe.
games to play with balls indoors
  • Play pretend basketball! Take a large cardboard box and cut flaps off with scissors. Place the box on the top of a tall shelf, and try to score some baskets from there! You can do this one also with a medium-sized laundry basket if you want.
  • Play with colours! Label either laundry baskets or cardboard boxes with different colours. If your kids are a bit older you can do this with words, and if your kids are younger you can label your boxes with coloured paper. Have your kiddos throw the matching coloured ball into its designated box! The faster you go the harder it will be. If you want to level up even more with this one, you can create moving targets! Call out a colour and let the fun begin. One player can move the boxes and the other can attempt to throw as fast and correct as they can.
indoor ball games for kids

Need some indoor ball games for preschoolers? In general, you can take most of these games and just simplify down the rules and perhaps the range in which you place the game. A great one is to set up a mini-bowling alley. Place a few items that can topple over, like water bottles or toilet paper rolls. Take your ball and gently roll it down your alleyway and see how many objects you can knock over!

If you don’t have loads of colored balls you can recycle things from around the house, maximum you could use balled-up socks! You can order a bunch of these balls together in an assortment of colors online. The great thing about balls is that they are super cheap and are so versatile with which games you can play!

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