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Got a Toy Car Collection? No Worries – We Have hot Wheel Storage Ideas up Our Sleeve

best way to store hot wheels

As it is the holiday season, I’m constantly aware of how much new stuff we bring into the house. I want to constantly remind myself that each new thing must have a home. Let’s hope we even have room for these new items! I’m actively trying to not hold onto things that don’t bring me joy. A little tip I’ve picked up from Marie Kondo.

I heard about her a while back, she has a short book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, if you are interested. It’s a short and quick read, I loved it! Anyways, find homes for each item that’s in your household! It changed my life, to think this way about tidying up. Now I feel I have a clear question to ask myself as I tidy.

I wanted to find a toy car organizer before the holiday season hits, I was slightly unsuccessful! I told myself I need to get creative. There are some great toy car storage ideas out there, keep scrolling if you’re also in need of some DIY tips!

Find a clever way to park all of those cars! If you can find a way to have all of the cars on display, even better! Make your kid’s day!

Here are some new organizational ideas

toy car storage ideas
  • Do you have one of those old IKEA shoe organizers lying around? Hang one upon the door of your playroom. If you don’t have one and like this technique, they are super easy to whip up on the sewing machine!
  • Hang them up on a knife rack! Order a couple of magnetic knife racks and line your toy cars on that. You just need to screw them into place and there you have it! I know they have them on Amazon to order if you need them.
  • Use a large tool kit! Try to find one with lots of little containers and levels that unfold. It will be not only impressive to look at your collection of cars, but fun to organize and put away as well! You can pick up one of these at your local hardware store.
  • If your crafty, just pick up some wood from your local hardware store. You can use thin ledges of wood along the walls of your playroom. It’s a pretty and effective way to store your car collection.

I’m sure you will find the best way to store hot wheels with a little creative thinking. Something I saw on Pinterest which I loved and thought was super creative. People have been taking cylinder-shaped objects, like PVC pipes or paper towel rolls, and hanging them up on walls. This is more of a decorative choice. If you go for this type of shelf, just means that each time your child gets a new car you need to add another cylinder shelf.

diy hot wheel storage

I saw on Etsy some wonderful handmade play mats you can purchase for your car collection. Some are even made from fabric and are definitely suitable for younger children. A magnetic play mat for the cars would be even more fabulous! Then they would all stay in the same place, and easy peasy you just roll up the mat for clean up! I’m all about making my life just a little bit easier wherever I can.

Whatever your plan of action is tackling the perpetual task of tidying up. I recommend getting creative with it! Find a way to make it fun for you and your family members. Marie Kondo also has a series on Netflix which is super helpful if your lacking ideas!

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