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Gucci and Artist Yuko Higuchi have Created a Children’s Book, Which You Can Get for Free


Gucci and artist Yuko Higuchi have released a book with games for children – it can be downloaded and printed.

Yuko Higuchi is known for her images of cute animals and fantastic creatures.

The fashion brand Gucci, which often works with distinctive artists and illustrators, asked Japanese artist Yuko Higuchi to design a new children’s book.

Yuko Higuchi draws cute anthropomorphic animals, fantastic creatures, and natural landscapes. She has created for Gucci a book with games and tasks: viewers are offered to find kittens hidden in the forest, to walk a snail through a flower maze, and to find differences in the pictures of a crocodile musician.

A small book also has coloring pages. You can download it free of charge from the Gucci website, print it, give it to children, and then get distracted from the household, and work concerns during the quarantine.

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