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Guns and Violence in LEGO

lego violence

Scientists believe that the interest in weapons is an integral part of the maturation phase of children from 4 to 9 years. Learning how to resolve conflicts, control aggression and use weapons is a big part of the gameplay. However, all this is always linked to the achievement of one big and good goal, whether it’s saving citizens, searching for treasures, or fighting for the galaxy.

Take for example LEGO’s new Lord of the Rings and Monster Fighters series. In the first set, you will find a lot of different weapons: swords, bows, axes, battle hammers, spears, and even magic staffs. This series is based on the dark universe of J.R.R. Tolkien, so there is no way to do without a formidable weapon and epic battles. However, all battles have only one goal: the destruction of the ring of power and the dark Lord Sauron and thus restore peace in the Mediterranean.

The developers of LEGO have done everything possible to “soften” this story. The sets turned out to be quite funny and at the same time very authentic. The developers have made the age limit for children from 9 years of age specifically to be able to save ferocious trolls and giant spiders.

The “Monster Fighters” series also uses a lot of weapons, from pistols to dynamite. However, the only goal of the game is to defeat monsters and save innocents. LEGO also uses its signature humor in all of its construction kits to make the toys always make you smile.

LEGO has very clear rules regarding the use of weapons and violence in its products. The gameplay should never be connected with real warfare, killing, violence, or animal cruelty.

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