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Our ancestors have been arguing for centuries about the most important organ in the human body. The heart has always been at the top. This particular organ (according to the inhabitants of ancient Egypt) was the source of human thinking and feeling. Perhaps, you remember the terrible story about how a man was turned into a mummy?

The Egyptians kept the heart, kidneys, stomach, liver, and lungs of the deceased before embalming the human body. Then the brain was pulled out and thrown away for some reason. Only philosophers of ancient Greek were close to the truth and could argue with colleagues.

Many thousand years later people began to understand which organ performs this or that function in the body. The human brain is a unique organ, a flawless mechanism (you can call it what you want) which consists of 100 billion neurons (it is almost 3 billion kilometers, can you believe that?).

Our brain works hard every day even when you are sleeping or just sitting still. That’s why we need to be mindful of balanced nutrition, intelligent training, good sleep (rest), and fresh air. In this article we will focus on the issue of nutrition, namely we will talk about brain-healthy foods.

We have compiled a list of best brain food and offer you to remember these products and include them in your diet. Let’s go!

Fish as the main food for the brain

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Everyone has heard of Omega 3 and Omega 6. In nature, there are interchangeable and essential fatty acids. The main difference is that our organism doesn’t know how to produce indispensable fatty acids on its own. They play a key role in the normal functioning of our brains. Fatty fish varieties such as escolar, tuna, and wild salmon will help to saturate the brain with the right components.

One of the best brain-boosting foods

Carbohydrates and glucose are the components that energizing our bodies. It is the amount of glucose in our blood that determines the efficiency of our brain. When the glucose level decreases in the body, we feel lethargic and cannot concentrate on our tasks. An excellent way to replenish the reserves is to eat a whole-grain product with a low glycemic index. These can be pasta and whole-grain flour products (bread, wafers) and bran (oatmeal, buckwheat). These foods may help you focus, improve memory and concentration.

Nuts as indispensable food for the brain

All nuts are real power foods for the brain and very useful for our body, especially for brain activity. They contain useful fatty acids (the same Omega 3 and alpha-linolenic acid) that improve brain function. The walnut deserves special attention – it is good for brain memory. Vitamin E, which is contained in walnuts, linseed, olives, and asparagus, also has a beneficial effect on cognitive brain functions (which are responsible for cognitive brain activity: perception, analysis, and processing of information).

Which fruit is good for the brain?

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Fruits that contain large amounts of iron are thought to saturate the brain better with oxygen. Such products include apples, pears, and apricots. This good brain food should be present in your diet, especially in their maturation season. You should eat 300-400 grams of any of these fruits every day.

The berries are just like the fruits in the top brain foods. It is worth noting that such berries as currants and blueberries (thanks to the presence of vitamin C) help to improve brain activity. Berries are the best food for studying because you can take them to school as brain food snacks.

Eating these products doesn’t mean that you will become a “Hyper-brain”. But they (in moderation) will help you feel energetic and attentive throughout the day. Remember that the meal has to be balanced.

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