Hello Kitty Step By Step: Learn To Draw Cute Hello Kitty Step By Step

All the kids who love cute Hello Kitty ever wonder: «how to draw hello kitty step by step? ». Everyone likes this little white cat flashing everywhere in a simplified image. In addition, in this article, we will be happy to answer this question and draw a hello kitty step by step.

Hello Kitty Step By Step

hello kitty drawing
  • Step 1. Let us draw simple lines that will help you with kitty drawing. Next, draw a large head, the lines of the muzzle, and the shape of the trunk. So far, everything is simplified, but already recognizable.
  • Step 2. To drawing a kitty, pick up a serious pencil and draw a large, wide, oval-shaped Hello Kitty head up to the bow and adding an ear. Then draw two oblong painted oval eyes, a small button nose, and three whiskers of the kitten on the sides of the head (note not from the nose, but from the cheeks).
  • Step 3. Now, on the last step of the question «how to draw a kitty step by step?» You will draw the body and all the accessories that the Hello Kitty character is wearing. Let us start with the characteristic bow on the right ear. Now you need to draw a shirt, paws, and adorable shoes. After you draw all these extra glamorous things, see the basic unnecessary lines and circles that turned out in the first and second steps.
  • Step 4. That is it, now we have cute hello kitty drawings! This is what it should look like when you are all done. Paint it in beautiful colors and share it. If you will not be lazy with me with your success. Also, please leave a comment on the drawing lesson below.

Hello Kitty Drawing With A Heart In Her Hands

hello kitty drawings
  • Head. We start the drawing with the image of the head. First, we need to draw two straight cross lines, which we will use to mark the placement of our character on the sheet, and we will start by drawing the details of the drawing. In the upper part, draw a large head of Kitty, in the form of an oval.
  • Now we will tell you how to draw a hello kitty face step by step. The character’s facial features are very small. Draw two small black dots. These will be the eyes. Draw the nose in the form of a small oval. Then draw the tendrils. Each cat has a mustache. Our beautiful Kitty is no exception. Draw short lines on the cheeks, three on each side.
  • Body. To draw the body, we just need to attach a trapezoid shape to the large oval at the bottom.
  • Legs. Our cat has short, but fluffy paws. Both limbs should match the size of the torso.
  • Handles. Draw the upper limbs using semicircular lines. The handles are not long but of medium size. As you can see, the details of the drawing are very simple.
  • Clothing. Kitty’s casual clothes are a T-shirt and a sundress. First, draw the neck of the garment. Then, in two small strokes, display the sleeves of the T-shirt.
  • Bow. A mandatory element of the white Kitty cat is a small bow on the left ear. Draw it from three parts.
  • Erase the auxiliary lines. We are done with all the other details. Carefully, so as not to affect the drawing, erase them with an eraser.
  • Heart. Now it remains to draw a heart in Kitty’s hands. Draw it in a small size on the right in the drawing

Color it. Our character’s traditional colors are white and pink. Paint the heart red. “Hello Kitty” drawings should be beautiful and spectacular.

How To Draw Hello Kitty Nerd Step By Step?

how to draw hello kitty step by step
  • Step 1. We will start by drawing the outline of Kitty’s head; do not forget to draw her ears.
  • Step 2. Next, draw the eyes and nose; you can add a bow near the ear.
  • Step 3. Then, draw our Kitty glasses.
  • Step 4. We will draw her body as we always do just the torso and legs first.
  • Step 5. Here we draw clothes on Hello Kitty. Let your imagination decide everything.
  • Step 6. Finally, draw the hands and hands, and then draw the mustache.
  • Step 7. Done.
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