Here is a list of Random Acts of Kindness for Kids: Spread Cheer This Time of Year

holiday random acts of kindness

Sometimes it’s hard to get into the groove of spreading kindness. I recently came across loads of Christmas kindness ideas. Getting the kids on board can sometimes be tricky, definitely interlacing the advent calendar with random acts of kindness gets the ball rolling. Click the links for some DIY calendars. Something I always try to tell others is that it doesn’t always need to cost money to do a random act of kindness. It can be as simple as smiling at your neighbor.

You will be surprised how much lighter your day will be. Sending positive energy to the world will bring you back positive energy. Odds are someone else out there will see your behavior, and it will rub off on them. Kindness can be contagious! Check yourself as your out for an errand run next week. Look for your missed opportunities and start by filling them with a wave or hello. Even just asking your cashier how their day was, will make all the difference. Have fun with some holiday random acts of kindness!

acts of kindness christmas

Have you ever had someone pay for your coffee that was standing in front of you in line? How much did that make your day and just make you smile? Truly the little things go a long way, somehow cliques are always true. Make an advent calendar today with your kids filled with acts of kindness for Christmas. You can take turns inside the family, on who does what. If your kids are old enough have them do some of them alone, and the rest do together so that it doesn’t feel like a big burden.

Here are some great ideas to get you going!

christmas kindness ideas
  • Wave hello or smile to your neighbor
  • Tip your delivery guy
  • Donate to your local food bank
  • Go around the house to find unused clothes and donate them as well
  • Pay for someones coffee inline
  • Strike up a conversation with your cashier, ask them about their day
  • Donate flowers to the hospital, the nurses will find someone’s room that needs
  • Donate old children’s toys and stuffies to your local salvation army
  • Bake cookies for a friend
  • Write a Christmas card to a far relative
  • Leave your favorite book somewhere and mark it free to take
  • Allow someone with fewer items in a line to go in front of you
  • Donate extra dog or cat toys to your local shelter
  • Help someone in need to load groceries into their car
  • Bake a banana bread and bring it to work
  • Do a chore for someone in the family
  • Pick up litter on the beach or anywhere
  • Send a thank you card for each gift you received this Christmas

I know some of you might be going, oh wow that’s really going out of my way. I honestly believe the more you put it into practice, the easier it becomes. Sometimes I myself have a tendency to become grinchy in the holiday season. I realized once I push myself out of my comfort zone and do nice things for others, I receive loads of positive energy back. Try it today, and make someone’s day!

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